There Is A Brand New NARCOS Series On Netflix NARCOS: MEXICO

New Country. New Cartel. Same Rules

Michael Pena & Diego Luna star in the latest series in the NARCOS franchise.

If you like spending your time stuffing your face with junk food, watching the rise and fall of drug kingpins and cartels from the comfort of your bed or sofa, then you’re in luck. A brand new chapter in the Netflix, Narcos franchise has just been released titled NARCOS: MEXICO

I remember reading an interview with a producer who confirmed that as long as there’s a drug war and people are taking drugs, there will always be another Narcos. That’s bad news for the countless lives that will be lost but good news for us when they adapt it into a series.

This time the series takes us away from Columbia, cocaine, Escobar and the Cali Cartel. The story takes place in Mexico, the drug of choice is Marijuana.

For fans of the series, the opening credits will put a smile on your face as you hear the Narcos theme tune once again. The story follows an American DEA agent (for a change) played by Michael Pena ( End Of Watch, War On Everyone ) that wants to take down the Guadalajara Cartel.

Narcos: Mexico is of the same quality as the other previous seasons but it does seem very rushed in bits. It feels like there is too much story to tell in just the usual ten-episode season. We never really see how the cartel rises to the top, it happens very fast, it’s also very confusing. Overall, it is shaping up to be another great instalment in the growing franchise.

Also, on Netflix, there is El Chapo.

Another series in the same style as Narcos, only a Mexican production.  It is hard for me to choose but if push came to shove, then I would have to say that El Chapo is the stronger series (also two seasons available on Netflix).

As well, I recommend you check out a movie released long before any Narcos or El Chapo series (2010). The film is called El Infierno, an amazing film about Benny, an unfortunate soul left with no choice but to join a drug cartel after getting deported from the U.S. The film also stars one of the lead actors from the new Narcos season. It’s bleak, violent, heartfelt, funny and overflowing with corruption, chainsaws and cartel executions.

Hope you enjoy the new series. If you do, please check out El Chapo and El Infierno. You will not be disappointed. As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble

Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker





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