2015 seems like it could be an awesome one for Irish cinema. I have had my sights set on some movies that are Irish or based in Ireland. Hopefully we’ll get to see them all released later this year. All different genres, so that’s something we should be excited about.


This is a new film that will be co-produced by the awesome XYZFilms I’m sure you’re all aware at this stage that these are the folks behind some the best world cinema released in recent years.

The film will be about Irish monks who are transporting a ancient relic from Ireland to Rome.

So what can we expect from Pilgrimage? well, if it’s anything like The Raid movies or almost any other film released under XYZFilms banner then we can expect nothing less than extreme savagery, large bladed weapons, and some stunning choreography.

It’s great to see something like this come out of Ireland, I’m hoping that this movie will stay true to history, have subtitles and be in Gaeilge.

XYZFilms are also involved with a movie from New Zealand called The Dead Lands . The Dead lands is another warrior movie which was shot in the Maori language .The Dead Lands seems to be a pretty good source to go with in what we could be expecting with Pilgrimage and to top it all off The Dead Lands has officially been picked for New Zealand’s foreign language feature for the oscars.

So who knows, maybe if this movie carries the same authenticity as The Dead lands then maybe we might see this ancient Irish warrior monk movie Pilgrimage snap up for some serious awards.

And as you’ve probably guessed, we’re gonna be with this feature every step of the way 😉

2: THE HALLOW (previous title working titile “The Woods”)

In the interview I did with Michael Smiley I asked him “who was he a fan of?, and what names should we all be watching out for?” One of the many names he mentioned was Corin Hardy.

Corin Hardy has just wrapped up a new Irish creature-feature called The Hallow which just had its premiere @ Sundance with a theatrical release set for later in this year.

The Hallow is about a couple who head to a remote cabin in the woods in the back-arse-of-nowhere, somehwhere in Ireland. The husband has a new job, but the work he has to do isnt welcomed by the locals in the small Irish town. He has to go to the nearby forrest to take samples of some sort. He ignores all the warnings (of course he does) and end up unleashing some sort of creatures from the woods, who prey on the souls of children… and probably anyone or anything that get in their way

We don’t get enough Irish horror films and judging by Hardy’s previous work, the man has a strong artistic-dark-visio, and to top it all off, the man is a hardcore horror fan, this sounds like it be something we should be watching very closely.

Now we have a a strange but interesting concept for a sci-fi movie. You probably shouldn’t watch this if you are claustrophobic or have a genuine fear of darkness.

The story of a group of friends who wake up in total darkness, nothing can be seen in any direction. As their resources (flashlight, food) slowly start to vanish, they start to turn on each other.

I think the concept for this movie sounds genius, I’m pretty sure we’re all going to be in for one truly frightening experience.

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