I first told you all about the new Irish warrior monk movie Pilgrimage when it was first announced. Now that the dust has settled, it seems that things are moving forward nicely with production.

Rather than fry your head with loads of posts, I thought that I would wait until I had some significant new information to share with you all.

Pilgrimage is directed by Brendan Muldowney (Love Eternal) and was written by Jamie Hannigan (who is credited on IMDB for various shorts). Casting news was announced about a month and it stars Jon Bernthal from AMC’S The Walking Dead Richard Armitage from The Hobbit Trilogy, and Tom Holland from The impossible

Plot (wrongmen.be)

Ireland, 1209. An island on the edge of the world.
A small group of monks begin a reluctant pilgrimage across an island torn between centuries of tribal warfare and the growing power of Norman invaders.
Escorting their monastery’s holiest relic – a rock used in the martyrdom of St. Mathias, the thirteenth apostle – to Rome, the monks’ progress is seen through the eyes of a pious young novice and a mute lay-brother with a violent past.
As the true material, political and religious significance of the bejeweled relic becomes dangerously apparent, their path to the east coast becomes increasingly fraught with danger.
The monks belatedly realise that in this wild land of ancient superstitions, the faith that binds them together may ultimately lead to their destruction

Everyone should be aware that this film is going to be one of the best action movies of the year..and to top that all off, its from Ireland. We don’t get a lot of action movies made here, so this really exciting stuff. If anyone can sniff out a great action movies, then its the guys from XYZ.

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