A little bit of news was released recently about the plot for upcoming release “Jurassic World”.

It has been confirmed that there will be good dinosaurs and there will be (only one confirmed) a bad dinosaur.

The good dinosaurs are trained in the park by the humans, and the big bad boy is a splice of multiple dino DNA (with camo abilities) which at some point some idiot lets out to cause death and destruction.

I think this is a very strange road to go down, they must have something pretty special in store for us. Who would’ve thought that our next generation of heroes would be a fucking T-Rex and a pile of velociraptors.

Does this mean now in future instalments of the franchise we might get to Jeff Goldblum’s character return and see him ride dinosaurs into battle?

I’m not impressed so far……except the thought of Jeff Goldblum riding a dinosaur into battle. I’d defo pay to see that.


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