Thought-Provoking, Thought-Stealing Aliens Are Here To Invade Earth In BEFORE WE VANISH


As a huge fan of Asian cinema and all its craziness, it’s always great to see a simple film that reinvents the wheel for a genre that doesn’t get enough credit.

Before We Vanish marks Japanese director, Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s 11th feature-length. The film follows three aliens who are sent to earth to prepare for a mass invasion.  Their unlikely human hosts are robbed of their being or any human-like emotion. Three aliens take-over a schoolgirl and two males. For fans of Japanese horror, the first time we get to see our first alien host, who has taken the form of a schoolgirl, trust me you’ll love that scene.

I found Before We Vanish to have some really creepy and unnerving moments, This ain’t  a big budget sci-fi, full of mind-boggling special FX. It works so well because of its simplicity, and the slow build-up. In fact, Before We Vanish is based on a play by Tomohiro Maekawa. It was then adapted for the screen by both Maekawa and Kurosawa along with Sachiko Tanaka.

Before We Vanish

To me, this felt like a fresh take on horror/sci-fi classic Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers. All though all these aliens have to do is point at your forehead. They steal your thoughts,  their victim drops to ground and then reanimates, robbed of any thoughts or emotion. Not much action, but things do get pretty crazy towards the end.

Before We Vanish is an excellent example of how minimal, yet engrossing sci-fi can be. It has a bit of everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if a western remake is announced very soon.


For those of you that like sci-fi blockbusters like Independence Day, you won’t find much love. But for those of you who enjoy an intelligently written thought-provoking sci-fi full of top-notch performances, this is for you.


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