4 New South Korean Flicks Coming in 2023

This will mark our first list of South Korean flicks in 2023, so, Happy New Year everyone!

Below you will find a list of new South Korean flicks releasing in 2023.Like I am certain that there will be some gems that I have missed and I always find them sooner or later. I’m not even joking, I honestly know more about what’s showing in South Korean cinemas than I do here in my own country. Is that weird? At least you guys can benefit from my obsession with Korean cinema.


Gentleman is a new action comedy thriller from writer/director Kim Kyung-won. The film focuses on the head of a secret detective agency who also pretends to be a prosecutor. He doesn’t care how he gets the bad guys and dishes out his own form of unlawful violent justice He is assigned what seems like an easy job: he has to find a missing pet dog. Problem is, the person who hired him has now been kidnapped and he is being framed for it.

South Korean 2023 Films


Jung_E is the new Netflix sci-fi thriller from the legendary director, Yeon Sang-ho (Train to Busan, Hellbound, The King Of Pigs). This movie got its own article a few days back. It very rarely happens, but this one almost got past me. Almost.

In Jung_E, the world is now unlivable due to extreme climate change. An elite special forces soldier agrees to undergo a brain-cloning experiment that will help create the most advanced combat robot the world has ever seen…things don’t go according to plan.


I’m almost certain that this one has featured on a previous Korean list I wrote but I can’t find it…so here it is again.

Since Train to Busan, I truly believe that South Korea has inspired a whole new generation of the undead. There are just too many to note but here are some; All of Us Are Dead, Zombie For Sale, Zombie Detective, Happiness, Kingdom & Alive.

What I take away from a South Korean zombie film is that it always looks extremely painful to be a zombie/infected/dead. The bone-crunching sound design the Koreans have created for their new undead monsters really proves that being dead is painful. In a way, it reminds me of Return of the Living Dead when the zombie was laying on the autopsy table and explains that being dead is agony and eating flesh relieves the unbearable pain of being dead.

A zombie outbreak is happening in Gangnam and the residents are showing signs of extreme aggression and attacking others. A small group of survivors must stick together if they are to make it out alive.

As I said, nothing really new with the plot but, hey, it is a South Korean zombie film so it goes on the list.


There’s no denying It, when we get a South Korean action film we are almost certain to get the best cinematic experience possible, on a level that not many others can achieve.

The Point Men (not a remake of the Christopher Lambert movie) is based on the real-life hostage situation that happened in 2001 when 23 South Koreans were captured in the Middle East by the Taliban. it is up to two special government officials to get into Afghanistan, save and extract the hostages.

This sounds epic. When you know the level of production that goes into SK action flicks, hearing this is set away from Korea and in the Middle East is a refreshing battleground for all-out chaos. Really looking forward to this one.

That’s it for this list of South Korean movies coming in 2023.

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