When it comes to making the moolah, the guys behind the Saw franchise are masters of the craft. I am not sure how much cash James Wan and Leigh Whannell made from it, but Lionsgate have reported that all films made nearly 1 Billion dollars (places finger in mouth like Dr Evil), and I am sure Mr Wan and Mr Whannell aren’t short of a few quid.

That is just insane money, and if I am to be honest here, I was one of the people who went religiously to see Saw each year it came out. and the original still stands as one of the best cinematic experiences that I have ever had. Yes the sequels could never live up to what the first one offered, but they still had some pretty cool and inventive kills in them. I think I made it to Saw 5 before I said ‘enough is enough’….then secretly watched the rest of them and didn’t tell anyone …until now

I seen this a while back (only about a month or so) and I was supposed to share it with you all but it ended up among my pile of unfinished drafts. The YouTube video was ONLY uploaded 4 years ago, so I’m on-the-ball with this one guys 🙂

Here it is anyways, better late than never !

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