I was recently contacted by writer Christopher T. Wood. He and his team have just released a short ten minute movie called TIME TO KILL and asked me to review it for them. The short was witten by Christopher .T Wood and directed by Justin Rettke.

The premise is simple. A hit-man sits in a apartment waiting for his his next target to arrive home. As the time passes by, the hit-man becomes restless. We get a little bit of insight to how he lives outside of his job via various phone calls he receives. Seems like the only thing he can’t kill is time.

.He seems like a really nice guy, loves his mum, polite and approachable, the sort of dude you wouldn’t mind buying a beer if you met him In pub…. But I wouldn’t piss him off.

That’s what I liked about it, he seems like a really likeable guy, but he’s a hit-man, he ain’t nice and would shoot you right in the face if he was paid the right amount of cash.

I had only one problem with the movie and that was that it was only ten minutes long. I really liked the actor, I would love to see a feature-length movie with his character. I learned a little bit about him, not enough to satisfy me, but enough for me to want to see more.

They have been in the Palm Springs Int. Shortsfest and LA Shortsfest, and will be in the Other Venice Film Festival. They have been asked to submit their film (free of charge) to Cleveland, Seattle, South By Southwest and the Hill Country film festivals, mostly on the power of their performance at Palm Springs.

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Official Synopsis – For years, we’ve seen that moment. The hit man, sitting in the chair, moonlight slicing across his face, his gun pointed at his sputtering victim. Harris is such a man, so very good at what he does. What he’s not so good at is filling the time before the kill. Time he spends questioning his life, wondering if he even has one. Harris can kill anything that moves… except time.

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