The remake of the Swedish vampire calssic “let the right one in”. I had really low expectations for this movie, but was pleasantly surprised when I actually got the chance to see it. Actually, and I don’t say this lightly, but I actually think I enjoyed it more than the original.
They kept the storyline the exact same, and in a lot of ways it was just a carbon copy of the original, but I thought the vampires and effects was awesome, they kept that eerie feeling that was in the original, and i love the blood on snow effect.
So, for the first time in a long time, vampires are starting to make their much earned comeback, after a decade of being styled and sexualised for mouth watering teenagers masses. I was happy to see such a creepy vampire film (even if it was remake).




I am a huge Romero fan and have been all my life, so when I heard that they was remaking the classic “dawn of the dead” back in 2003, I was a little skeptical, and when I found out who would be playing the lead role “Sarah Polley” I thought to myself ” fuck, it’s destroyed!!”.
Although we were not convinced by the choice of cast for the film, me and my buddy Cormac was still first in line to see it at the cinema (we were the only people in the line).
I have to admit we were both blown away by it. I’m not one of those people who say “I hate fast zombies”, boo fucking hoo!! As long as they look awesome and as long as they can tear you apart then ill be just fine. This was a damn good zombie movie.

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Although this was originally an American horror. “Maniac” was one of the best horror films that I’ve seen in recent years, it’s stayed with me for so me time after viewing it.
It was lead by a dark and dirty 80’s synthesiser soundtrack shock added to the feel of the film.
I had my doubts about Elijah wood when I heard that he was gonna be playing the serial killer.
I was wrong!, he was brilliant and played one of the best serial killers that I have ever seen on screen.
This film is violent and extremely graphic. I wouldn’t think everyone would enjoy this type of film.
This is a film for hardcore horror fans who like their shit a little crazy.
I loved it.




it wasn’t the most terrifying movie I have ever seen, which they stupidly had as the tagline, but it was a really good remake. Obviously the original is a cult classic but I admired the fact that they went for such a violent movie, it’s had tons of gore and I left the cinema with a smile.
It had a stupid backstory that you couldn’t give a fiddlers fuck about, but that was soon forgotten and it was pretty much a gorefest right to the end.




I really enjoyed the first instalment of “rob zombies” “Halloween”. The man knows how to make a horror movie. He also knows how to shock the audience with some of the most graphic and violent content to be ever seen on screen.he takes the story of “John carpenters” original classic and just elaborates on the character of Michael Myers. He shows us a young, sad and troubled Michael who gets bullied at school and has serious family issues. All this leads up to him going on a killing spree. “rob zombie” done a brilliant job on showing us exactly how a legend like “Michael Myers” was born.
I also remember him saying that he wouldn’t ever do a sequel… About a year later there was a sequel! I remember Halloween 2 to have more screaming than script. It just lost that spark that the first one had.
There isn’t many people out there today making films like “rob zombie” He ain’t scared to make extreme and violent movies, that have no hope in hell of passing as a 15 certificate or PG/13.
So give the man some respect and be thankful we don’t have Halloween 11.

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