Montage Of Heck is a new documentary about Nirvana’s frontman Kurt Cobain that premiered at Sundance Film Festival, It featured in one of my festival posts not so long ago that you can read on here if you want to read.

This is the only documentary (and there have been tons) that have complete access to all areas. As a fan of Nirvana I find this really interesting, it will be cool to see all the unreleased footage and rarities, and its been a long time since I’ve visited Nirvana.

Although, it seemed Kurt Cobain valued his privacy so much, I cant help but think like it’s a little bit intrusive, and would he consider this an invasion of privacy?!

Anyways, the man played a huge part in a lot of peoples musical journey. He has been gone a long time – so long, that the world has turned sideways when it comes to music.

It’s all about the brands these days, how well you market yourself, so big fat record companies can rape you for all your worth. It’s safe to say that the modern day music is just complete and utter shite (some exceptions of course).

Montage Of Heck was a huge hit and is definitely a must see for any Nirvana fan


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