Upcoming Releases You Need To Know About 2024

I am back with a new list of upcoming releases that I think you should know about. 

As always, I have a nice blend of upcoming horror for you to feast you eyes and ears on. Proud to add two Irish horrors to this list! Let’s get to it!


The King Tide is about a newborn baby that is washed up on an island shore and is discovered by the town’s mayor But this baby ain’t an ordinary infant, she possesses super-human abilities (I have no idea what kind of powers). Her name is Isla, and her existence is causing the country to break into a brutal civil war.


I have a soft spot for horror anthologies and You Shall Not Sleep Tonight looks to be one of the stronger new releases in the sub-genre. This anthology stems from nightmares and a young kid getting to read horrific, scary bedtime stories that take an uncontrollable life of their own.


The Glenarma Tapes is an Irish-found footage horror (I am gonna try and hunt down the filmmakers for a chat). Set in the beautiful North of Ireland (my neck of the woods), the story sounds like a mash-up of The Blair Witch Project and The Hunt. A group of friends travel to a secluded wooded area and seem to be hunted down one by one by a masked killer. Their disappearance was a mystery and remained unsolved…until now.


All You Need Is Death is a new folk horror that pushes boundaries beyond anything we have ever seen in the folk horror subgenre. It focuses on a couple of musicians who spend their days re-recording old folk songs. Things take a twisted, dark turn when they translate an ancient song that unleashes evil into their world.


Not only have we have two upcoming releases that are Irish horror movies, but now we also have a new Welsh folk horror. Dagr follows two fame-seeking YouTubers who run a channel where they steal from the rich and give to the poor. They plan a heist at a high-end shoot in the Welsh countryside unaware that the Ad company they are stealing from just released an ancient evil.

That is it for this list of Upcoming Releases – I hope you have a few of these on your ever-growing watch list.

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