10 Upcoming Korean Dramas/Thrillers to Watch Out For Part 1

Untouchable_Lawmen-tp Untouchable Lawmen

Untouchable Lawmen is about  a FBI profiler called Jung-jin who has been trained by the U.S. He has to travel  to S.Korea to team-up with a recently  graduated, highly skilled detective  called Yoo-Min.

The two detectives each have their own  issues. The profiler has serious anger  issues, and is more likely to smash in  your face than take the time to make a profile of you. The highly skilled detective is a sex addict, and although finishing at the top of his class, he is more interested in chasing women than catching criminals.

Their job is to take-down the head of a creepy religious sect. The sect is responsible is for some gruesome crimes but one can get close to the boss because he or she has a lot of powerful friends in high places.

assass Assassination 

From the director of The Thieves and  featuring cast from The Chaser & The  housemaid.

Assassination is set in 1933 and tells the story of an elite female sniper who has been ordered to travel to Shanghai to assassinate a commander in the Japanese army.

When her mission is exposed, the  Japanese army send out a hitman to take  down the female sniper – the chase begins

Madonna-2 MADONNA

Don’t worry folks, Madonna didn’t go to S.Korea and make a film about her life.

The film is about a financially struggling  woman who takes up a job as an assistant nurse at a VIP ward in a hospital. One of the patients in the ward is a business tycoon who is also an investor for the hospital. He has been in care for years, and  has been kept alive by his son, by any  means necessary. The business man has left his entire fortune to charity, so the son will go to extreme lengths to make sure his father stays alive long enough to re-write his will. One thing is apparent, the son is not keeping his father alive out of love. It is out of greed, and fear that he will no longer be able to live the lifestyle that he is so used to.

When a heavily pregnant, brain-dead woman gets brought to the hospital after a bad car accident. the nurse makes it her mission to find the father of the child. If she doesn’t – the son of the tycoon will harvest her organs to keep his father alive for his own selfish reasons.

Sounds dark and delicious. Recently played at Cannes and featured on one of my festival lists.

Minority_Opinion_-_Korean_Movie-p2 The Unfair

One thing I have noticed throughout my years of watching Korean cinema is that a lot of S.K films would have some sort eviction sub-plot. I have seen homes, large businesses and market stalls get taken over by a bunch of thugs who have been sent by dodgy developers to  clear an area so they can build on it.

This film deals with one of those issues. The plot sounds very realistic, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is based on a true story.  Sounds like a fantastic drama, one to watch out for.

Official Plot (wiki)

Residents, who are evicted from their homes in a designated urban renewal, demonstrate against their removal. The police arrive and attempt to end the demonstration. A 20-year-old police officer and a 16-year-old boy, who is the son of a demonstrator, die during the melee. The boy’s father is also arrested. Later, the father insists that he tried to protect his son from being beaten by the riot police. The deaths of these two people are then brought to court.

 chronicle of evilThe Chronicles Of Evil

The Chronicles Of Evil is about a cop who is up for promotion. On his way home from work he accidentally kills someone, and because of his promotion he decides to cover up the crime. The next day, he hears about a murder on the news and is called to the scene of the crime, which is a construction site. The victim has been tied up and left hanging from a crane. When they get the body down from the crane the cop sees that the corpse is the man he killed the night before.

Sounds like this could offer some clever twists and turns. This could be an excellent cat & mouse type action thriller.

Thanks for reading. Part 2 will be up on a couple of days.


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