When you see a directorial debut that blows your mind and you’re a hardcore movie lover, then it’s quite the journey to follow certain filmmakers as they venture into their next feature – especially when it’s new filmmakers that you’ve never heard of before. This was exactly the case when I watched Benson and Moorhead’s Resolution for the first time. A small little independent horror mind-fuck of a movie with a hell of a lot of punch.

So when they first announced their next feature Spring I made it my mission to keep you all informed during filming and right up to its premiere at TIFF.

The horror/romance/creature-feature has got some brilliant reviews and picked up Best International Film at Paris International Film Festival and Best Actor at Fantastic Film Fest, also getting picked up by Drafthouse Films in the process.

When I first heard they won Best International Film, believe it or not, but I actually screamed out loud like some fuckin’ crazy football hooligan celebrating a winning goal after a penalty shoot-out.

Now with a theatrical and VOD release on the horizon (Probably not in Ireland ffs), we are all treated to a fresh new trailer


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