So last year we had “the raid” and it fucking blew every other action movie out of the water. Shot on a tiny budget “the raid” delivered more carnage, action than any other big budget Hollywood piece of shite could ever dream of.
So now in 2013 we are getting “Berendal” the bigger and badder sequel to “the raid”, this time taking the action to the streets and will take place almost immediately after the first film.
All I know about the plot is that “Rama” played by the legendary “iko Uwais” goes undercover and goes up against the criminal underworld of Indonesia, while still trying to fulfil his promise to his father, and bring back his brother back alive. I also know that “Rama” goes into prison ( undercover or as a prisoner I don’t know) and a huge riot breaks out, so I bet we will see some serious heads getting busted.
If we think about what we got in the the first movies, then fucking hell man, can ya imagine what this one is gonna be like. Taking the action out onto the streets and away from that confined building gives them endless possibilities, and I know of one scene where “Rama” fights 30 dudes at once. So I think this is gonna be the “the raid redemption” on crack.
“The raid” was praised everywhere, there wasn’t one bad review, and that has obviously gave them the freedom now to make a much bigger and more badass movie.
Here are some stills “berandal-the raid 2”
Release date September sometime .

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