DiCaprio & Scorsese Back Together For Serial-Killer Movie With DiCaprio In Lead Role

If it wasn’t for Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way  then I might not of heard of America’s first serial-killer – Dr H.H Holmes, until now.

The serial-killer was first brought to my attention when, Appian Way purchased the film rights to the book, The Devil In The White City, by Erik Larson.

This might be new news to a lot of people but just so you all know I first posted this back in Sept 2013 SERIAL-KILLER H.H HOLMES TO BE PLAYED BY DICAPRIO

I was obsessed with the news that DiCaprio had bought the movie rights to the American remake of Korean classic The Chaser, so I was checking daily for updates. That project still seems to be dead in the water, but that’s when I found out about the H.H Holmes movie.

Things have been quiet up until now, and now the news is breaking the internet. DiCaprio will team up with his main man, the man who can get the best possible results from DiCaprio, Mr Martin Scorsese to bring this bizarre tale to life

For those of you who know nothing about H.H Holmes then I would advise you to have a read of this – ABOUT H.H HOLMES

I am reading in articles that Scorsese has cast Leo in the lead role. I could be wrong, but it might be that Leo asked Scorsese on-board as director. It was DiCaprio’s production company who bought the film rights to the book back in 2010 with Graham Moore (Imitation Game writer) hired to pen the script (not 100% if it is still him)

The relationship that Scorsese and DiCaprio have , and the countless awesome movies that they have made together, it only makes sense that they team up for this. If anyone can get DiCaprio into the zone for the darkest and meanest performance he will ever play – then it’s Scorsese


You can expect to hear a lot more about this

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