I first reported that Leo DiCaprio would be taking on the role as America’s first serial-killer, Dr H.H Holmes. Leo’s production company Appian Way acquired the movie rights to Erik Larson’s bestseller, The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America.  The news has made the front page of Reddit, again, so I thought I would get another post done for those who missed my first.

I have known this news for a long time and first reported the news back in 2013 – the post can be read >>>HERE. For a while, I was in doubt that the project was going to happen, then all the big-wig sites reported that Scorsese had found his leading man for his next movie, when in fact I actually think that it was Leo who got Scorsese on board as director, as he is the man who bought the movie rights to the 2003 book.

I haven’t read the book that the film will be based on, but I have educated myself well on Holmes since Appian Way bought the rights. We’re going to be in for something dark, and we will see Leo take on a role that will both terrify and shock. I don’t think we have ever seen him in such a dark role. H.H Holmes was one twisted individual. Not only that, but he was a genius and I am sure DiCaprio will knock this dark role out of the park.


H.H Holmes admitted to killing 27 women at the Chicago World Fair in 1893 but is suspected of at least 200 murders.

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Expect to hear more on The Devil In The White City as news is announced. This is a film that we will be following all the way.
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