I have been a fan of director Jon Hewitt since I seen his impressive directorial début – Acolytes. Acolytes was an Australian serial-killer movie that starred Joel Edgerton. It was a clever story about a group of kids who skip school and stumble upon a serial-killer when he is disposing of a body. Instead of the kids going to the cops, they blackmail the serial-killer. They want him murder a local bully that has abused and tormented the kids for years, if he doesn’t do what they say, they will go to the police.

Elimination Game is the new film from Acolytes director Jon Hewitt. It is a based on a 1981 exploitation flick (and one of Tarantino’s all-time fave movies) Turkey Shoot. I haven’t seen the original, but after watching Elimination Game, I am curious to find out more

The film follows a man called Rick Tyler (Dominic Purcell). A disgraced Navy Seal sentenced to life in prison for massacring women and children while on duty in Africa. After another failed attempt on his life by an inmate, Rick is knocked on concious and is transported to a secret location

When he wakes he is strapped into a chair and is met by one of the heads of a popular TV network. He is informed that he must take part in a deadly game show known as Turkey Shoot. There is 3 levels, each level features trained killers that are voted in by the public, and as the levels increase, the enemies numbers double in size. If he can survive all 3 rounds (which no one has done before) he will be set free.


Because I have never seen the original, I can’t compare them. If I had to compare Elimination Game to anything, then it would be The Running Man with a little blend of Battle Royale. I am starting to think that The Running Man might have got some of it’s ideas from the original 1981 film, there is striking similarities

I thought that Dominic Purcell done a great job. The man is most definitely an action star and has put himself in some serious shape to play this role. and delivers quite the ass kicking performance in Elimination Game.

The film did have a few silly moments, but hey!, it’s an action movie. For example – one of the voted-in killers is, Killshot – worst shot ever!. 4 trained marines get thrown into the killing grounds — they couldn’t shoot a game of pool. but hey, If every bullet fired from enemies weapons was to connect, then we wouldn’t have much of an action film, would we? so this is all perfectly acceptable to me.

Our main assassin and long time fan favourite is Ramrod (Robert Taylor Longmire) a special elite sniper that has a personal vendetta against our new contestant. I would’ve liked to see more of Taylor on-screen, his role or script didn’t quite give him the ability to shine and show off his acting skills. I thought we would’ve seen a bit more of him.

If you’re a gamer, then you might be familiar with Dead Rising. I cant remember which one it was (I think 2) but they had the on-line multi-player and you played as a contestant on a game show. Turkey Shoot would remind you of that game. The voice-over and the way it’s presented are similar, and I enjoyed that about it the film…the cheese factor is turned way up to 11. The presenters have the really bad one-liners, and the beautiful Hollywood smiles that light up the screen like a flash-bang every time they smile..

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I could go on for hours telling you what I did, and didn’t enjoy but, Elimination Game was fun and enjoyable action movie. Some inventive and awesome kills are somewhat blinded by a predictable and cheesy script. If you’re a fan of blood and guts, decapitations and exploding heads, then give this one a shot. If you’re looking for depth and character development then you’ll not find it here with Elimination Game…. but why would you look for depth and development in an action movie? This is a lot of fun…go and enjoy it!


Inspired  by  the  1981 motion  picture
Turkey  Shoot
(a.k.a.  Escape  2000)
English  Language
Running  Time
90  minutes
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