News: In A Violent Nature – New Extreme Zombie-Slasher Horror

In A Violent Nature just played at this year’s Sundance. I thought I would try and get the word out first that this horror is meant to be gruesome af and the kills, creative as Hell

When we think back to the number of fantastic horror movies we got in 2023 (When Evil Lurks, Talk To Me) it would be hard to think that 2024 is going to be an even stronger year for our favourite genre. Well, folks, it looks like it actually could be and In A Violent Nature is one of supposedly one of the first greats of 2024. Not only has it been getting great reviews, but it is also for fans of the extreme.

The Sundance 2024 official film is a Canadian production. It was written and directed by Chris Nash

What’s In A Violent Nature About?

This, I am not 100% sure of but by the sounds of things, I would not be expecting hordes of the undead. It looks like a film told through the zombie’s perspective – which is a great approach. But, it could be just one zombie we are dealing with. I don’t think I have seen anything similar since the £40 British zombie movie, Colin (which you should so check out).

What I do know is that the zombie just bursts out of the ground in a forest and then makes his way through the dark wooded maze killing anyone that gets in his way. Our zombie is an intelligent one (also played by Canadian indie actor Ry Barrett) and can make and use weapons to maximise his kill count. I guess we can look at this dude as some sort of a zombie slasher. Have we a new undead icon in the making? I surely hope so.

There was a film not so long ago that dealt with a singular zombie called It Stains The Sand Red (I think it is on Shudder). This followed a zombie who was chasing a woman on her period through a desert and was attracted to the smell of her blood. I believe this could have the same sort of pacing and just because there is only one zombie, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be interesting. In my opinion, it ain’t the amount of zombies that we have, it is what those zombies destroy and devour.

We are promised an extreme cinematic offering. I have read one review that has compared the tone of the kills to last year’s Argentinian horror masterpiece When Evil Lurks.

This is the 2nd zombie movie (that I know of) that has played at this year’s Sundance International Film Festival. The other zombie flick is Norweigian. It is called Handling The Undead based on a book by Let The Right One In author John Ajvide Lindqvist. Again, just like In A Violent Nature, Handling The Undead takes a unique zombie approach and adds a lot more human connection to the zombies. Think of the French zombie series Les Revenants and you wouldn’t be too far wrong.

It has been confirmed that AMC’s Shudder will release In A Violent Nature. I will update this article when I hear of any release info. I’ll sign off by saying, extreme horror fans!! add this one to your watchlist. As always, thanks for reading.

I am beginning to think that we are going to be in for another fantastic year for horror. We will try our hardest to hook you up with every single one of them. Check back soon for more news, reviews and movie and series lists. As always, thanks for reading.


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