Japanese Live-Action Adaptation Of Manga Classic BLEACH On It’s Way


A live-action adaptation of 2001’s Manga classic BLEACH is getting ready for release

Bleach is regarded as one of the best Manga shows out there. The story of a high school kid called Kurosaki Ichigo. He is an ordinary high-school kid that so happens to see ghosts. Most of the souls of the dead he sees mean him no harm. But not all of them, there are ghosts known as ”Hollows” who are there to eat the other souls and cause death & destruction. When Kurosaki Ichigo, by chance meets a death god and ends up with her power. Now Ichigo must use his new-found power to help escort souls to the afterlife. As well Ichigo now being a death god (Shinigami) he must now take on the death god’s responsibility of battling Hollows.

I had no idea BLEACH was even happening. I have seen some of the anime but to be honest, I had completely forgot about it . Now may be a good time to go back to it. Japanese live-action remakes of anime are always hit-&-miss. You would think that it is only Hollywood that fucks them up but Japan have done it as well. I think Bleach is in safe hands if you ask me. The new film is directed by Shinsuke Sato, the man who directed the awesome Japanese 2005 Manga adaptation of zombie movie I AM A HERO.

If this proves to be a success at the box-office, I am sure we will see some sequels spawned. We will more than likely also see an American version as anime remakes seem to be all the rage these days in Hollywood.

Bleach is due for release in Japan 20/07/18. I am not certain of a U.S or Irish/UK release but as soon as I know, you guys will find out.

Here is the English subbed trailer. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks for reading.

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