When I first heard they were gonna be remaking “Maniac” I wasn’t interested at all, and even more so when I heard that “Elijah wood” was playing the serial killer, not that I’ve a problem with “Elijah Wood” as an actor but i just thought he was too clean cut and baby faced to play a such a deranged killer. I thought it would just end up another15 certificate movie that would be released in the cinema and would be forgotten about not long after.
So, curiously got the better of me of me and I finally caved in and checked out the trailer on YouTube. I was wrong about everything, the trailer looked really intense, sick, unique, and I was sorry that I ever doubted “Elijah Wood”.
The story of a fucked up serial killer in NewYork city who runs a shop by day and kills woman at night, removing their scalps as trophies.
The story is completely told through the eyes of the killer, and as far as I know you don’t really get to see the killer that much, you might catch a glimpse of him when he looks in the mirror or you see his reflection in a car or window so that alone sounds really unique The reviews I have read about this film are fantastic and it will be released in selected cinemas quite soon.




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