The remake of Pascal Laugiers, Martyrs will have its world première at this year’s Screamfest.

As you all know, Martyrs is my all time favourite horror movie and a film that messed with my mind like no other.

Yes, I am sceptical about this remake, but that is only because I love the original so much. The one thing that is sticking with me though, is that this ain’t a big American production aimed at targeting a younger audience – this is a small independent feature, shot on a small budget.

The Goetz Brothers are not making a shot-for-shot remake, but a re-imagining of the story.

martyrs1I always knew that it was never going to be as violent as the original and that had me worried at first as Martyrs is primarily about pain and suffering, but the more I think about it, the more I want to see this re-imagining of the story.

Maybe this remake will focus on the secret organisation that is rarely touched on in the original. I would definitely like to see more of that world and I strongly believe that there is more story to tell.

I wish everyone involved the best of luck with the film, and even I don’t enjoy this remake, there is no denying that a lot of people will be checking out the original because of it.

Directors Kevin and Michael Goetz took to Reddit for an AMA to answer all the questions that everyone needed answered. I thought I would share some of the questions and their answers (full AMA) …..

Has the movie been toned down for American audiences or is it just as disturbing?


Hi, thanks. This seems to be the question of the most interest, so let’s get right to it. If you’ve seen the first, or to put it more bluntly, are a huge fan of the first film’s violence; this film will certainly not shock you. The first film pretty much knocked it out of the park with how far you can push torture and pain cinematically: it was literally breathtaking. But for as many people that loved it; it alienated just as many. This version is definitely a bit more accessible graphic-wise: but still pushes boundaries nonetheless.

2) A big part of the movie is left up for interpretation. A lot of American remakes tend to go a more “explainy” route. Do you feel you’ve kept the original mystery of the movie or is there more resolution?

We definitely keep the mystery from the original, this was one of the elements from the story that we loved. (And it’s also a theme with our films to date, RE Scenic Route.) We may be American but we despise ‘explainy.’

i don’t wanna hate but why do we need a remake of this film? the original is good as it is.

The paint is barely dry on the 2008 original Pascal Laugier classic: we never set out here to do a ‘remake’ in the true sense of the word. The script, by Mark L Smith, was more of an ‘inspired by’ the first film than a shot by shot remake. Without giving too much away; the story itself is different; this version concentrates more on the connection between the two girls Lucie and Anna and what lengths they will go to for one another.

We understand there are big fans of the first film and purists that believe it never should have been remade in the first place- we agree the first film made its mark and exists on its own. It was so good; it inspired other stories; and this is one of them, a Martyrs story re-imagined.

Why remake Martyrs? Seriously?

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This isn’t a shot by shot remake rather a compelling Mark L. Smith screenplay that captured the mood and elements from the original but presented it in a different, thicker storyline.

The producers approached us many times to take on Martyrs because they loved how we had handled the psychological thriller aspects of the horror in our film Scenic Route; how the horror could be just much internally frightening as externally violent. We were apprehensive at first but once the screenwriter came in with a bit of a new take, we were all in.

Martyrs is the most disturbing movie I have ever seen in my life and I didn’t know there was a remake in the pipeline. Will your movie be as violent as the original? I thought the original was as close to a hard R as it could be and I’m interested to see if you guys are planning something different.

For the very few that have seen our version and not the original, they say it is deeply disturbing. However, the original was banned in X amount of countries. We are not looking to get banned in X amount of countries.

What was the biggest challenge you faced while filming?

The most challenging aspect of the shoot was definitely just the nuts and bolts production side. Trying to shoot complicated action/ bloody sequences on a very limited budget and time. Everyone from the crew to the actors were gamers here: we were burying one actress in dirt in a cold field at 3am, then quickly moving inside to shoot squibs and bad guys the next. It was a thrill ride; just to shoot it.

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