Tarantino attended this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego along with his panel of cast from The Hateful Eight

The lucky ones who managed to attend  were treated to a 7 minute video, showing footage from his next feature. No surprise here, but the footage has blown everyone away.

Mr Tarantino  and the cast answered some questions about the process of making the movie and what it was like working with each other.

Bruce Dern had some nice words on working with Quentin Tarantino

“The excitement for all of us was just to be asked by this man to be in this movie…. he has the greatest attention to detail as any director whose ever lived. He creates an atmosphere for all of us not to do our greatest work necessarily, but to get better. I was excited to come to work every day with this man because I thought we just might have a chance to do something that’s never been done.”

Tarantino  later went on to voice his opinion, and hatred for digital cinema. He said to the crowd.. “part of the thing I don’t like about digital projection, it’s like HBO in public. If that’s what movies become, I might just move to television and cut out the middle man.”

So, who knows we could be seeing an epic TV series in the near future written and directed by Quentin Tarantino.

It was also confirmed that Ennio Morricone will be scoring the music for The Hateful Eight. This will be the first time that Morricone has scored a western soundtrack in 40 years..

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If you read my previous article on The Hateful Eight then  you’ll know I talked a little about Django Unchained. The only problem that I had with the film was the soundtrack. I seem to be one of the only people who feel this way but I found it hard listening to hip-hop when we were supposed to be in the wild west.

The haunting and chilling tones of Morricone blended in with the visual style of Tarantino will create nothing less than a modern day masterpiece. Not too mention, we have one hell of a cast!



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