New Poster For Thai Martial Arts Movies A PRAYER BEFORE DAWN

A new poster has arrived for new Thai prison martial arts movie A PRAYER BEFORE DAWN

I remember seeing a trailer for A Prayer Before Dawn a few months back. I was overly impressed with the bone-crunching action and also the lead role. My initial thought was that the lead was some trained MMA fighter. I definitely recognised his face but I just couldn’t place where he was from. Turns out it was Joe Cole, yes, Joe Cole from Peaky Blinders and more recently Jeremy Saulnier’s fantastic neo-nazis Vs punk rockers movie, Green Room.

A Prayer Before is based on an incredible true story. The film focuses on an English boxer and criminal/drug-addict called Billy Moore. After getting caught robbing his neighbours house he is thrown into the notorious Bangkok Hilton Thai prison. He must compete in savage Muay Thai matches to reduce his sentence and earn his freedom. We have all heard the horror stories that emerge from that prison; people eating bugs due to lack of food, sickness, insects growing inside people’s ears…I have heard some horrible stuff. So now mix all those harsh prison conditions with some ass-kicking Muay Thai, and we have got ourselves a winner.

I’m a big fan of both prison movies and martial arts (of any kind). This blends the two together and it looks like they’ve created something really special with A PRAYER BEFORE DAWN.

A Prayer Before Dawn

In case you haven’t caught the trailer yet, I’ve included it…just for you.


Another reason to be hyped for this new film is that it is directed by Jean-Stéphane Sauvaier. That name may sound unfamiliar to most but he was the man who directed child-soldier movie Johnny Mad Dog. If you seen Beasts Of No Nation, then it’s a similar plot only a lot more hardcore.

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The reviews have been more than solid.  A Prayer Before Dawn is due for release this August.

As always, thanks for reading.



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