New South Korean movies You Need To Know About

 A new list featuring some new titles coming out of South Korea 


As usual , we’ve got some films that you wont be forgetting about in a hurry …ENJOY. As for genres, we have some horror, crime, revenge, thrillers, and action…just about a little bit of everything.




A woman called, Soo-a gets violently abducted in broad daylight and locked away in a mental institution with no reason given.

She is held against her will ,force fed drugs, made to undergo horrible treatments, and mentally and physically abused.

Her only sanity comes from writing in a notebook about the horrific acts of abuse that she is forced to endure.

After a year passes, the notebook somehow finds its way to a TV broadcaster – he reads the torn and faded pages of the book and is horrified with what the woman had to go through and decides to look into the case, only to find that the woman is now in prison for murder.

The trailer looks impressive,  but it didn’t quite bring me the insanity that I thought I was gonna get from a S.Korean movie called Insane but it still looks damn impressive and it goes on the list.

imgres-1 THE WAILING

This is a film that has featured on the site before, actually , probably a few times, but there is solid reasoning behind why I am so obsessed with this movie. That reason is that its the new film from Na Jong Hin, one of men responsible for my crazy passion for South Korean cinema.

Anyways I have sort of avoided as much as I can about this movie, which is good because no matter what I read, or what trailer or teaser I watch, I have still no fucking idea what the film is going to be about.

I do know that its dark and has some sort of sickness spreading in a rural village – also looks like there could be a serial-killer on the loose, or maybe both, who knows?

The_Handmaiden_filmTHE HANDMAIDEN

Park Chan-Wook, revenge, lesbians ?- I think we’re sold already. The director of some of South Korea’s finest is back with, The Handmaiden.

The film just seemed to appear out of nowhere and it has already had its premiere in Cannes Film Festival, and as you can probably imagine, the reviews have been pretty solid so far.

According to Screen Daily, Park Chan-Wook’s latest feature has already got strong worldwide distribution with it reportedly getting sold to over 100 countries.


Korea, 1930s. Con man Count Fujiwara hires a pickpocket named Sook-hee to become the maid of the mysterious and fragile heiress Lady Hideko, in an attempt to seize her wealth. But the story takes a twist when the lady falls in love with her maid.


Missing You (film) poster.jpegMISSING YOU

A new revenge thriller that focuses on the daughter of a detective who was murdered by a serial-killer. After her father was murdered , the killer was arrested but was only found guilty of one murder. He received a 15 year sentence instead of life.

Her father’s partner is still gunning for a conviction and when the serial killer is released from prison  – the daughter and her father’s partner try to put a stop to him , before he kills again.

This film almost got away  – I thought it was a S.Korean, mushy love story. I am glad I gave it a another look though. I now have one more revenge movie for my new Korean revenge movie list, which will be written up in the coming week.


4 best friends decide to take a trip and plan a farewell party before one of them gets enlisted in the army. On the trip they rescue a woman who is getting viciously beaten by her husband. When the police arrive to the scene – the woman tells the cops a different story to what happened, which puts the 4 best friends in a situation that will change all of their lives forever.

Su saek

Su Saek is a new thriller/drama that focuses on 4 best friends who live is a poor area in Seoul. The area where they live is rundown and full of drugs and crime has been chosen for redevelopment and will host the 2002 world cup. The friendships are torn apart when one of them joins a gang of thugs to evict residents to make room to host the world cup.

Seems to be more of a drama than a thriller but we all know just how fast things can change in South Korean cinema.


Train To Busan

The live-action debut from Yeon Sang-ho , the animation director who grabbed our attention with The King Of Pigs The Fake, and more recently, Seoul Station (which will be playing at the year’s Fantasia International Film Festival).

Train to Busan is the live-action sequel to zombie animation movie called, Seoul Station with the voice actors reprising their roles in the flesh.

Reviews have been solid but it looks like it may not be the gore fest that we had hoped for – still, I haven’t read a bad word about it.

Been looking forward to seeing some South Korean zombie action. These two films have been on the watch-list for a while now. I only learned recently that the sequel would be a live-action and not animated. Seems like a fresh and unique approach to the overpopulated zombie genre, and reviews have been solid.

 OFFICIAL PLOT (asianwiki)

A disastrous virus hits South Korea. Passengers on a KTX train from Seoul to Busan struggle to survive.


the-priestsThe Priests

Something that I don’t think that has been featured on moviehooker before is a South Korean movie that focuses on demonic possession, but there is always a first time for everything.

I don’t think I have been satisfied by the South Korean horror genre – I mean , they make some of the most vicious serial-killer, disturbing dramas, and revenge movies that any movie fan could want. Yes, a lot of people would class most of those movies as horror, and I wouldn’t argue with that, but what I am on about is some sort of supernatural element, and I think S.K is lacking in that area.

This film has mixed reviews so it could go either way. I am still looking forward to it though

The story follows a priest who has to figure out if a young woman was attacked by the spawn of satan, or if she is a victim of molestation . He takes on the help of a younger priest to help him as all of the other priests




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