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Need a new series to watch? Have a read of some of the best upcoming TV shows getting released soon or currently in production

When do we never need a new series to look forward to? This is Part One of a three-part article that will feature some of the best upcoming new TV shows that we have to look forward to.  No matter what genre you love, I am sure you will all find something to binge.


The Angel Of Darkness New Series

The Alienist was the latest series from TNT and their entry into the popular serial killer sub-genre. A second series is now in the works  titled, The Angel Of Darkness. 

The second instalment reunites the cast from the first season. Luke Evans, Dakota Fanning and Daniel Bruhl will all reprise their roles.

Just like, The Alienist, the follow-up is a mini-series. All though not confirmed, The Angel Of Darkness will more than likely be a ten-episode season with everything tied up in a bow at the end. This way, we’re not  foaming at the mouth and left for another year to find out what happened. Think of it as an olden-days True Detective.

The Alienist was gritty and at times quite graphic. With the recent rise of quality serial killer dramas like Mindhunter, this new entry fits right in and offers us a stripped-back look into how these horrid crimes were solved without the use of modern technology.

Again, The Angel Of Darkness will focus on missing children. Our main characters soon learn that a local nurse may be responsible for the abduction and murder of many other infants.


Netflix Crime Shows New Series White Lines

White Lines sounds like a it could be a promising new series. I am not one for dance music or the clubbing scene for that  matter, but a series that focuses on the mayhem that goes on in Ibiza sounds like something that could make for some awesome viewing. This series focuses on a DJ from Manchester whose body is found 20-years after his disappearance. His sister then travels to the party island to find out what happened to her brother and who is responsible for his murder.

Another promising aspect of this series is that it is from the director of La Casa De Papel (available on Netflix). If you haven’t checked out the La Casa De Papel then I would highly recommend it. It is a series I thought went on a little bit too long. Because of that, I thought there were a few silly moments. In saying that, it was thoroughly enjoyable and sits comfortably at the top of my fave heist series ever.


New Series True Detective

Well, it has been a long time coming but True Detective is finally back and looks like it’s going back to the roots of season 1. The third installment of the hugely popular crime series throws  the detectives on a crime that spans over decades. Set in the Ozark’s, the new series stars Mahershala Ali, Stephen Dorff and

Jeremy Saulnier, director of Green Room and Blue Ruin was signed on to direct the first half of the new series. Due to scheduling conflicts (probably because of new Netflix film Hold The Dark) he had to part ways after directing just two-episodes. Games Of Thrones director —–  stepping in to fill the gap with writer Nic Pizzalato making his directorial debut and directing the entire second half of the season.


New Series The Terror

The first season of The Terror saw the crew of an expedition get their ship trapped in the Antarctic. The crew must survive each other and the unforgivable harsh weather conditions. As if that ain’t bad enough, there is a huge creature stalking them picking them off on-by-one.

AMC have now ordered a follow-up. The new season will consist of ten-episodes (just like season 1). The series will shift focus from the Antarctic to the trenches, mud and bloodshed of World War II. Not a lot is know about the plot.

Here is a short quote from an article I found on the AMC website

The next iteration, co-created and executive-produced by Alexander Woo (True Blood) and Max Borenstein (Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla), will be set during World War II and center on an uncanny specter that menaces a Japanese-American community from its home in Southern California to the internment camps to the war in the Pacific”.


Netflix Original Series OZARK

Ozark was the crime series that caught everyone by surprise. It was the first time (I think) that we seen Jason Bateman in a somewhat serious role.  Bateman played an accountant who gets involved with some seriously shady characters which put him and and his family’s life in danger.

I have been counting the days for its return ever since that nail-biting finale in season. It will be good to see where this show is going. In my opinion, it was left wide-open for nothing less than epicness.


New Series TCM

Also, recently announced was a small-screen adaptation of TCM. I think this could work. A lot of network stations now thrive on disturbing, gruesome content. I think there is plenty of room for a mentally challenged, chainsaw wielding maniac that has a human skin fetish to carve up some annoying screaming big-boobed teens.

If I had my way, I would be starting back at the beginning. I would like to see the twisted work of Gramps and his weapon of choice when there was no such things as chainsaws. I mean, we got sort of introduced to the whole family throughout the movies. There is enough characters to create a whole new family of deranged, inbred killers. We all know who Leatherface is, if I had my way, we wouldn’t get introduced to him until seasons later, and when we did, it would be at childbirth.

More to follow as more news unfolds on all Tv shows’. As always, thanks for reading. Thanks for choosing Moviehooker as your source for the weirder,  darker side of cinema and television.

Words by Gary Gamble

Founder/owner/chief editor @ Moviehooker

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