Jonny Greenwood is one of the most influential musicians of our time. No matter if you’re a fan of Radiohead or not, you got to admire their constant progression with each album they’ve released. Not only that , but how they handled themselves in the music industry , and how they basically held two fingers up to EMI and said ‘fuck you” (not an actual quote, but I’m sure some words like that were exchanged) and did things their own way.

I have always been obsessed with Greenwood’s unique sound – if there was a room filled with a 1000 musicians, and each one of them had a box over their head, and all of them playing guitar, I am pretty sure that I would be able to single-out Greenwood’s guitar sound.

Not long ago I was sitting in my mates car in Dublin City Centre and we were listening to the radio. The track that was playing sounded very sinister and dark – it sounded like 100 horror movie scores rolled into one, only it was like every instrument was broken and de-tuned – it was insane.. The track caught our attention and we sat there in amazement listening to the orchestrated madness. Then the track ended and the DJ said “and that was Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead with an original track”. – both our jaws dropped to the ground, and we looked at each other in agreement that what we just heard went up to 11 on the epic-scale (as well as Radiohead, he also serves as composer-in-residence for the BBC Concert Orchestra)

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Grreenwood is no stranger to scoring film soundtracks – so far he has scored, Bodysong, We Need To Talk About Kevin, Norwegian Wood, There Will Be BloodThe Master, and Inherent Vice.

And now the director of, There will be Blood,  and The Master, and Inherent Vice, Paul Thomas Anderson has followed Greenwood to Rajasthan in northwest India to make a documentary on a new LP he is recording titled,  Junun (Junun is also the name of the group he is recording with). He is accompanied by Israeli composer Shye Ben Tzur for a month’s long recording session.

Anderson will première Junun at The New York Film Festival which runs from Sept 25th to Oct 11th. 

I will throw up a trailer when it arrives

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