Roddy Piper is a much loved name among horror fans, and the horror world. His cheesy but memorable role in John Carpenter’s, They Live, shot him to super-cheesy-stardom.

The last movie, Piper finished before his death was a H.P Lovecraft inspired short called Portal To Hell, which went into production after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

I know of a lot of Kickstarter campaign’s that never quite got the kickstart that they needed – example would be Uwe Boll’s, Rampage 3, and as a result Mr Boll said Fuck you to everyone, and went on a bit of a Rampage himself (making some valid points along the way, but probably in the wrong way – if you know what I mean).

But if someone has an idea that involves Roddy Piper playing a caretaker who ends up battling the sea-monster Cthulhu, then it is just as simple as “shut up and take my money”.

Official Press Notes 

Director Vivieno Caldinelli (Picnicface, This Hour Has 22 Minutes), writer Matt Watts (Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays), and star Roddy Piper (They Live) have teamed up with executive producer Todd Brown (The Raid, ABCs of Death), executive producer Andrew Rosen (“Todd & the Book of Pure Evil”), and FX guru Steve Kostanski (Manborg) to bring horror fans the slimiest genre mash-up ever seen!

Jack (Piper) is a simple man with simple needs. Mostly he just needs to be left alone to read his book. It’s a good book and he likes it… or, at least, he would if the tenants of the building he manages weren’t so damn needy.  And it’s not just blown fuses and clogged toilets… No, when the building power goes out, the culprit is a pair of Cthulhu-worshiping tenants opening a portal to the demon city of R’lyeh in the basement. Does this count as building maintenance? Is battling the supernatural part of Jack’s job description? Maybe not, but if Jack can’t close the portal, the entire building and – let’s face it – the whole world is screwed.

Enjoy The Trailer

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