The Midnight Swim – A Moviehooker Review

The Midnight Swim tells the story of 3 estranged sisters who all have to return to their lakeside family home. They have gather whatever belongings they have and decide if they are going to sell the house after the death of their mother

Their mother became fascinated with the lake outside their house because no one had ever reached the bottom. She had documented each time that she has tried, the deeper she got, the stranger she would feel. until one day, she got so deep, she never returned.

When the film started, I accepted that this was going to be another found-footage movie (I have no problem with them). We soon learn that there is a reason behind the constant filming. With most FF movies, one can never understand why in the name of fuck are they still recording?. If this was anyway realistic, you would drop the camera and run for the hills!. This is not the case with The Midnight Swim

We soon learn that our main character, June (who is rarely seen on-screen) has been recording with her camera since she was a child. We get some insights to her past throughout the film, we know that she has been unwell ,and the camera is her coping mechanism.

The other 2 sisters have grown to accept the constant filming, although they find it irritating. The visitors who come to the house can’t understand why someone is standing there recording them. This also makes for uncomfortable viewing, and I thought it was great the way it played out.

When their mother was alive, she used to tell them a story. The story was about seven sisters who all drowned in the lake. Local legend has is, If you go to the lake at midnight and say the words “Seventh Sister”, seven times, strange stuff will start to happen.

This back-story adds an element of creepiness and horror to the film. Strange stuff does start to happen around the house – like June waking up and finding footage on her camera that she didn’t record. Or the girls finding dead birds outside the door each night.

The acting was fantastic, you believed every step of the way that they were real sisters. The script couldn’t of been more realistic. The cinematography was beautiful, and simplistic. It captured the eeriness of the lake and it’s surroundings to perfection

The ending was a little strange and leaves a lot open to thought. I can’t tell you what it is because my job is to hook you up with something to watch, not to spoil the shit out of films.

To be quite honest, I am still trying to think what it meant. It has the mind working over-time, which is the best thing anyone could want from a film.

How do I know if a film effected me? When I am writing about it, and every time I mention a scene, every hair on my body stands to attention! I am already looking forward to a second viewing and further dissection of the movie.

A blinder of a first feature from director/writer Sarah Adina Smith. I am looking forward to seeing more work from this impressive new talent!


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