Trailer For Bølgen (The Wave) Norway’s First Disaster Movie

Bolgen – Although the premise for this movie sounds just like the rest of the disaster movies out there. A geologist loses his family just before a giant freak wave is about to hit a coastal town in Norway. He must overcome overwhelming odds to reach his family and get them to safety.

I can guarantee you that we are in for something special with Bølgen. Roar Uthaug is the name of the director & he is best known for the Norwegian slasher movie Cold Prey.

Cold Prey also sounded just like the rest of the slasher movies. I couldn’t have been more wrong, it was miles more intelligent, and way more creepy than your average slasher.

I bought Cold Prey when it was first released back in my video shop days. I was in charge of the world cinema section so I had the first shot at everything that came in. It still stands as one of the best slashers that I have ever seen. It also spawned another 2 movies, and although they never quite lived up to the original, they were still damn good.

I am sure we will get the same with Bølgen. Although this looks like another disaster movie, we can be certain that there will be a solid, believable story. We can also be certain that the entire cast will do a great job.

This is a rare thing in cinema. A disaster movie with a believable story, and even more important, believable characters.

This has moved to the top of the watch list. I just hope that we get it in the cinema over here in Ireland.


Enjoy the trailer


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