If you’re a fan of South Korean cinema, then chances are you’re a fan of Na Hong-jin – the writer and director of the fantastic, The Chaser and The Yellow Sea.

Both of those movies are very different, one of them, The Chaser is a gruesome serial-killer movie about a detective turned  pimp who is on hunt for a demented serial- killer who has been brutally slaying his girls.

The other film, The Yellow Sea had a completely different tone all together, it told the desperate story of a taxi driver who is serious debt to some vicious loan sharks. His wife is also missing and he has searched for her for years. He gets a chance to clear his debt, and at the same time look for his lost wife, but things obviously don’t run smoothly.

So, the reason I mentioned his other movies is that , even though both of them are quite dark in nature, they are completely different forms of filmmaking  – and this proves that he can just about handle any sort of genre thrown at him, while at the same time keeping the visual tone dark.

Just like his previous movies , The Wailing looks like it’s going to be just as dark  but I am still uncertain about what type of films we are actually going to get. No doubt it will feature some fantastic writing and a story that will be crazy and unpredictable.

I have mentioned, this film before on moviehooker when it was first announced (previously called, Goksung).  All I had to go on at the time was a broken-English synopsis that I couldn’t really decipher.

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The trailer still doesn’t give a lot away – it looks like it has elements of a serial-killer movie, with a bit of supernatural thrown in –  it could also be a viral outbreak movie as there seems to be some sort of infection spreading among the villagers.


One thing is for sure, this film is going to be outstanding.

The Wailing will be playing at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.


Enjoy The Trailer

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