I have posted about this film countless times, for a while I was a little bit worried that we were never going to get to see it.

Things have been extremely quiet all during production, all we’ve been teased with is a few set pics. I am constantly online checking to see if a teaser has been released… or even just a clip from a scene, I WANT SOMETHING!

Maggie was supposed to have it’s world premiere at last years TIFF but was pulled at the last minute. The reason behind it getting pulled was revealed a few days later – the film had been picked up by a big production company and was pulled at the request of Lionsgate as they didn’t need to seek further distribution rights.

Schwarzenegger will be playing a loving father called Wade. There has been a zombie outbreak and his teenage daughter (played by Abigail Breslin) Maggie has become infected. The film is about her inevitable transformation into one of the undead and how her and big Arnie cope with the situation.

I think we will see Arnold deliver a great performance. I am equally looking forward to him smashing some zombie skulls!

Paddy Considine (Dead mans Shoes) Was initially attached to play father, Wade, later being replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger (obviously)

Maggie will have it’s world premiere at this years Tribeca Film Festival so a trailer can’t be that far away.

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