If you’re looking for a great action movie then you never have to further than XYZFilms. These are the guys who brought us THE RAID, THE RAID 2, THE DEAD LANDS, ON THE JOB, KILLERS and TUSK (not that Tusk is an action movie, but it’s a walrus movie. It deserves a mention) . These guys know what movies to back. If it has the XYZ mark, you’re guaranteed to be hooked up with some fine viewing.

As most of you know I follow this production company very closely and I’m always looking out for new releases to hook people up with and to simply try and spread the word as much as possible. We all know how huge THE RAID movies have become, but not all them have that recognition and therefore I think we need push them as much as we can.

I wasn’t expecting the news that they’re gonna be producing a new action movie set in the year 1209 in Ireland. The film is about catholic monks who are transporting some sort of relic from Ireland to Rome.. The film will be shot over a seven week period on the West Coast of Ireland and then also some shooting in Belgium. The film, which will be called PILGRIMAGE was written by Jamie Hannigan and will be directed by Dermot Muldowney who also helmed SAVAGE and LOVE ETERNAL. The movie will also be produced by Dublin based production company Savage Productions.

I have no doubt in my mind that this film is gonna feature some serious brutality and beautifully choreographed fight sequences.. And let’s face it, when have you ever heard of an action movie with catholic monks as warriors?? If you know me, and you know how passionate I am about film, then you’ll know how excited I am about this film. It’s so good to these guys take a stab at something so unique.

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I have been trying to hook people up with new New Zealand Maori warrior movie THE DEAD LANDS. This movie has now been picked for New Zealnds Oscar entry for Best Foreign Language Film. I am hoping that this film will be the same and carry the same authenticity

Still very early days folks, but as always, we’ll be following it every step of the way.

Might even hit the west coast and see if I can find the set!!

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