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Homunculus: More of a Romance Drama than a Psychological Horror

In theory, to hear both, Hideo Yamamoto and Takashi Shimizu in a same sentence sounds like an exciting project with lots of potential and that’s what we have in here, sadly it’s only that.

Susumu Nakoshi is a homeless guy, who lives in his car, you can usually find him in a park in Shinjiku, close to a luxury hotel/restaurant.

Medical school student, Manabu Ito, takes interest in him, because Nakoshi lives right in between the two sides of a coin: luxury and poverty.

He offers him a new reason to live, to volunteer in a experiment where he could open his third eye through trepanation and be able to feel again.

After the surgery, he starts seeing people, only with his left eye, as monsters, as distorted humans.

Ito tells him that are “homunculus”, the visualization from deep within the mind, the darkest feelings they have and try to hide and he is able to communicate with them.

The cast and their performances are strong, cinematography it’s good and in general it’s a very stylish film, but we have two big problems here.

The first one, if you haven’t read the manga, time to time doesn’t make sense, feels rushed and without a proper storyline; just the plot and characters are all over the place.
It has too many plot holes, many questions with just a few answers.

The second, it does makes you feel that you must have to read the manga to understand some “whys” and to fill some of the plot holes, but sadly, if you know the manga, you are going to be extremely disappointed with this adaptation, because not only changes the essence of Nakoshi and Ito, but the whole point of this story.

“Homunculus” it’s a story heavy in the psychological and philosophical areas, it makes you feel disgusted, angry, sad, emphatic.

Humans are complex, to try to understand the very concept of this it’s really hard but trying to summarize it in 116 minutes it’s just crazy and that’s why we ended up with something that seems more of a soap opera drama than the very complex and rich artwork that Yamamoto delivered.

This had so much more potential to be a series, I hope someone else tries to do it again and without restrictions because, easily, 90% of the manga was censored.

As a fan of the manga, I’m heartbroken and as a fan of asian cinema in general, I’m confused and disappointed.

Hopefully when we hear these names again, they will be attached to a better project.


These are spoilers for those who have read the manga and want to know the biggest differences between them:

  • Nakoshi is not poor, never goes under plastic surgery, it’s friends with Ken and it’s amnesic. Nanako and him were living together, he doesn’t go crazy with the trepanations and has a happy ending with a girl.
  • Ito looks more like an idol, his only problem is with his father because his father loved more a gold fish. Crossdressing and transgender issues are nonexistent. Makes a huge experiment with Nakoshi and “Nanako” leaving both of them amnesic. He is the one who goes crazy with trepanations, sew his eye and commits suicide.
  • Nanako and Nakoshi are a couple, they live together, she suffers a miscarriage and start fighting in the street where a car runs over her and dies. The girl in the car feels guilty, wants to forget and gets a trepanation, she and Nakoshi believed she was Nanako, after they found out the truth, decided to run away together and start knowing each other as Nakoshi and Chihiro; that’s the ending.

Hookup: Five New Japanese Horror & Fantasy Films To Look Forward To

A New Moviehooker List

Five New Crazy AF Japanese Horror and Fantasy films.

Japanese Horror is among some of the best and brutal cinema experiences a horror-hound like myself could ever dream of. I have hunted down some upcoming releases, you all should know about.

 A part two could be on the cards. I will get to them all, you know I will!




Japanese horror movies TOKYO VAMPIRE HOTEL

Tokyo Vampire Hotel is from director Sono Sion.

Manami, get’s caught up in some vampiric activity while out celebrating her 22nd birthday. After Narrowly escaping a murder spree, two vampires; K, from the Dracula clan, and Yamada, from the Corvin clan want to sink their teeth into her.

Sion fans will be delighted to hear that Tokyo Vampire Hotel is a nine-episode mini-series.

Picked up by Amazon Prime (Japan). This gave Sion the creative freedom to make the series as hardcore as he wants.

Not that Japan ever needs creative freedom, though, right?. They have been sticking their middle finger up the asses of censorship for decades. That’s why you’ve got to love and support the Japanese film industry, as crazy and morbid as it is.


Japanese Horror Moves BEFORE WE VANISH

The first adaptation of Before We Vanish was for a stage play. After that, it was adapted into a novel, and now a feature-length film from director Kiyoshi Kurosawa.

When a man vanishes from a small coastal town it sparks concern among the residents. Days later, he returns, changed, he is not the same man he was.

At the same time, a young girl commits a horrific multiple-murder. Things are starting to get a little weird in their once peaceful little village. Aliens have arrived and for some reason, this little village has been chosen as their HQ. Their starting point for an alien invasion, and the beginning of the end for the human race.

I love Asian sci-fi’s, more to the point, I love PARASYTE, both parts 1+2. I have read a couple of mixed reviews, but Before We Vanish already sounds way better than most American sci-fi’s.

Ain’t heard of Parasyte? Check them out on Blu-Ray. You won’t be disappointed.
Parasyte The Movie: Part 1 [Blu-ray]
Parasyte The Movie: Part 2 [Blu-ray]



Japanese Horror Movies Blade Of The Immortal

It’s impossible to focus on the dark and beautiful world of Japanese cinema and not feature a movie from one of my all-time heroes, Mr Takeshi Miike

The man tackles any genre with total creative control not bowing down to the powers of censorship.

Blade Of The Immortal is a historical samurai action epic.

With an immortal samurai as our lead, there will be no end to the slicing and dicing

The story follows a cursed samurai who must destroy 1000 evil men before regaining his mortality. 



Just like I said above: You can’t have a crazy Japanese movie list without Takeshi Miike. Yup, the man has made it onto the list, yet again!

Next up, superpowers and dodgy hairstyles take centre stage for Miike’s, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable Chapter I.

Set in a fictional world called Morioh where everyone has a superpower called The Stand. The title, “Diamond Is Unbreakable” refers to the main character’s, Josuke’s power, or Stand:  Shining Diamond. Sort of sounds like a finishing move in an arcade game…or a stupid Rihanna song.

Trailer looks like what you would expect from a Manga adaptation directed by Takeshi Miike. Crazy AF.


Jojo s Bizarre Adventure Season 1 (Episodes 1-26) [Blu-ray]


Japan Horror Movies AJIN

Ajin: Demi-Human is yet again another Manga adaptation. It is also, my favourite from this new list of Japanese horror movies I have put together.

Sweet ultra-violence at its very finest.

Kei Nagai is resurrected & possessed by an Ajin after a traffic accident. Ajin’s are powerful, magical beings. They’re tricked into thinking they can live safely among the humans but get hunted and experimented on by a tyrannical government. These horrible experiments have forced them into hiding. In the shadows, they wait until it’s time to retaliate.

Reading up on this I have noticed that they’ve changed some plot-points. As well as the plot changes, there has been also a shift in the ages of characters. As a result of this, it has a lot of fans worried…but you can’t please everyone, right?

I am not aware of the Manga. That’s the only good thing about my lack of reading. I can count on one hand a number of books or graphic novels I have read in my life and I am not proud. However, it does have it’s pros as I can enjoy an adaptation and not make comparisons to its original source. Also, it saves my mind from a lot of torture when an adaptation doesn’t work.

Lastly, if you cant wait for AJIN, then you can hunt out the 3-part Manga series (released in November). The reviews are nothing less than astonishing. You pre-order it right here

Ajin Season 1 – Standard (DVD)

The YouTube trailer looks like this is going to be one hell of a film. 



For My Next List, I’ll Be Focusing on Part 2 To My Hugely Popular 21 European Horror Movies Article.
In The Meantime, You Can Visit moviehooker.com To Get All Your Unique Cinema Needs….Or More Japanese Horror, It’s Up To You.