FRIGHT: Retro British Ghost Horror On Way To FrightFest

Fright poster FrightFest Moviehooker

We are delighted to share the news on even more amazing titles playing at this year’s FrightFest. Next up is, FRIGHT – check out the press release below ‘FRIGHT’ brings the 1950’s vibes to this years FrightFest Warren Dudley’s new horror thriller FRIGHT will have its World Premiere at The Odeon Luxe West End, Leicester Square on … Read more

LORE: Information on upcoming British horror anthology

Lore press release Moviehooker

One of last year’s FrightFest titles LORE gets a premiere date on the Icon Channel – check out the press release below. Who doesn’t love a good horror anthology? well, we have a new one for you all – LORE and its coming next month. Get ready. London, UK: Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment is thrilled to announce the … Read more

Perfect Days (2023) review

perfect days review

Released in 2023, Perfect Days is an impressive demonstration of how much can be accomplished with so little. We’re a little bit late to the party on this one but it’s a hidden gem so here goes: Directed by German filmmaker Wim Winders, Perfect Days is more of a portrait than a story and follows … Read more

Scared Shitless Opens To Sold Out Crowds @ Fantasia

Scared Shitless info Moviehooker Fantasia premiere

Another film that has been high up on our watchlist is Scared Shitless. I mean, who wouldn’t love a film about a lab experiment that escapes and makes its way into the plumbing system in an apartment block? We are delighted to hear of the fantastic turn out for the team behind Scared Shitless. You … Read more

The Dead Thing To Screen @ Fantasia Festival

The Dead Thing Fantasia Festival Moviehooker

More news on the upcoming titles playing at this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival, next up – The Dead Thing. Check out the press release below. Elric Kane’s Haunting Love Story The Dead Thing has its World Premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival – Screens July 26 and July 28 Montreal, QC – Yellow Veil Pictures is … Read more

Fantasia Film Festival review: Mash Ville

Mash Ville Fantasia Film Festival Review - Moviehooker

Fantasia Festival is well underway and we got to review Mash Ville, a Western-style genre mashup from South Korea. It’s no secret, that Moviehooker is a HUGE fan of South Korean cinema and Mash Ville has been high up on our watchlist since Fantasia Film Festival announced its world premiere for it to be unleashed to … Read more

Traumatika: FrightFest Brings A Nightmarish Vision from Two Witches director

Traumatika FrighFest Moviehooker

More information on the awesome titles playing at this year’s FrightFest. Next up is TRAUMATIKA, the next chapter in nightmarish terror from the director of Two Witches I’ve said it many times before, sometimes all you need to sell me on a movie is just some beautiful poster design, and, oh boy, we sure have … Read more

Dracula: A Love Tale (2024) – First Look At Caleb Landry-Jones

Dracula: A Love Tale Moviehooker

Hey, it may not be much but it’s better than nothing, we have our first look of Caleb Landry-Jones in Luc Besson’s Dracula: A Love Tale. We have been reporting on Luc Besson’s Dracula: A Love Tale for some time. Now, I was mistaken in thinking this would be another straightforward reimagining of Bram Stoker’s … Read more

FrightFest 2024 Gets Freaky With Members Club

Members Club press release FrightFest Moviehooker

More news in from FrightFest. We have the official press release to share with you for the upcoming British horror comedy Members Club Members Club has been described as a mash up of The Full Monty or Magic Mike meets From Dusk Till Dawn. Sporting an explosive British cast including badass Alan Ford aka Brick-Top, … Read more

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