Garbage Pail Kids is coming to Blu-Ray (press release)

Garbage Pail Kids - Press Release - Moviehooker

Ok, collectors…are you ready for the. grossest and sweetest blast from the past? The Garbage Pail Kids is headed to Blu-ray for the first time packed with special features also including 3 discs and a media book…check out the press release below! Thursday 18th April, London, UK: Capelight Pictures & Altitude have confirmed that the 1980s Cult-Film The Garbage … Read more

4 New Lovecraftian Films You Need to Check Out

New Lovecraftian Films - Minor

I am back with another list of new Lovecraftian-style movies. I sure hope you enjoy these and I’ve hooked you up with some fine future viewing. Let’s get to it! MINORE Minore is a new creature feature from Greece – which is more than welcomed as we never really see a lot of Greek content. … Read more

Happiness: New South Korean viral outbreak series reinvents the genre…again!


Get ready for your new South Korean k-drama obsession, a new series called Happiness that shows us a new way of rabid infection Wow. it seems that everywhere we look, we are surrounded by zombies. Usually, I would think that’s an awesome thing but there’s just too many shows that are exactly the same…or a … Read more

Army of the dead review – Snyder keeps his promise and delivers the craziest zombie film


Army of the Dead doesn’t waste any time getting into the zombie action. There’s nothing intelligent about the outbreak, in fact, it’s pretty damn stupid and caused by the idiotic bumbling actions of a couple of clueless US troops delivering mysterious, top-secret cargo. Before we know it, we are then introduced to a new kind … Read more

Homunculus: More of a Romance Drama than a Psychological Horror

In theory, to hear both, Hideo Yamamoto and Takashi Shimizu in a same sentence sounds like an exciting project with lots of potential and that’s what we have in here, sadly it’s only that. Susumu Nakoshi is a homeless guy, who lives in his car, you can usually find him in a park in Shinjiku, … Read more

Shudder to release British supernatural horror film The Banishing –

The Banishing - A Shudder Release - Moviehooker

Shudder will release The Banishing, a new British supernatural horror film based on true events from the director of Triangle, Creep (2004) & Black Death Check out the official press release and trailer below. From acclaimed director Chris Smith comes THE BANISHING, which tells the true story of the most haunted house in England. A … Read more

Upcoming Movies You Need To Know About

We are back with a brand new list of Upcoming Movies You Should Know About. This time, for a change, we have left Asia behind (for now) and focus on English-language upcoming releases (although one or two may be partially subbed) THE NORTHMAN Currently getting shot in Ireland, The Northman is the new film from … Read more

Sleepless Beauty Film Review: Not so much torture but it has an amazing animation

Sleepless Beauty – It begins with an ambassador’s assassination plot and a chat window that informs us of a new method of getting people to do certain things. Then we see Mila through different cameras, letting us know she has been chosen for the same group of people from the dark web. She is just … Read more

ASHFALL: New South Korean Disaster Movie To Erupt Into US Theatres

Ashfall Poster

A new South Korean movie called Ashfall has been a surprise hit in South Korea. Lucky for folks in the States, you’re all getting to see it on the big screen! Below is a new Moviehooker Youtube video on the main reasons why I am looking forward to Ashfall. I also mention some other great … Read more

COLD PURSUIT: Liam Neeson Takes On A Drug Cartel With A Snowplough

Cold Pursuit

Didn’t Liam Neeson recently say that he was done with action movies? Well, he’s back with COLD PURSUIT When it comes to action movies, Northern Ireland born actor Liam Neeson has quite the resume. The only problem is, at this stage, most of anything he does is just generic tripe. The first Taken was a … Read more

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