Sting 2024: Great Spider Horror Caught In A Web Of Predictability

Sting Review Moviehooker

I finally got to check out Kiah Roache-Turner’s new mutant space spider horror Sting Firstly, I will say that I really enjoyed Sting, it was a lot of fun although I did find it somewhat predictable but that didn’t make it any less enjoyable. It follows Charlotte, a troubled teen who lives in a large apartment complex with her mother and stepdad. The … Read more

Abigail: New Vampire Horror Feels Like An Old-School Great

Vampire Horror Abigail Review Moviehooker

So, I finally got to check out, Abigail, the much-talked-about new vampire horror from Scream 6 and Ready or Not directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett  So, what is Abigail about? The plot is a very basic one and offers us nothing new in regards to groundbreaking vampire horror but that ain’t a bad thing. What we get is a cleverly crafted vamp tale that takes inspiration from some of the vampire greats … Read more

New Genre Films You Need To Know About

New Genre Movies - Algea: God Of Pain - A Moviehooker List

As festival season approaches, we must keep you all hooked up with the best new genre films coming your way. It’s a tough aul job but someone has got to do it. Let’s get to it. Below you will find 7 new genre films that will be hitting this year’s festivals. I can’t confirm that all of these will be awesome but they sure sound it … Read more

6 New Vampire Movies (2024/25)

New Vampire Movies A Moviehooker List - The Vourdalak

It may be a short list but here are 4 new vampire movies, 2 we will see releasing very soon and the other 2 is in pre-production but guaranteed to be worth the wait. INSANE LIKE ME? We recently received the press release for Insane Like Me? It also featured on a recent moviehooker list, … Read more

Press Release (2024): Insane Like Me?

insane like me? Moviehooker press release

A new press release has just arrived in our inboxes – Check Out Insane Like Me? Insane Like Me is another film that recently featured in a Moviehooker list of upcoming releases to watch out for. Check out the official press release below. Supernatural Mystery Thriller Insane Like Me Debuts June 4th, 2024 from DeskPop Entertainment. … Read more

News: Flesh Of The Gods – New vampire Film from Mandy director

Flesh Of The Gods movie news Moviehooker

Well, this is some exciting news to report – are you ready for Flesh Of The Gods? Flesh Of Gods is being described as a violent vampire movie which is currently in pre-production. Sadly, this means we will be waiting a while to see a release but I have a feeling that this one is … Read more

News: Oldboy TV Show In The Works

Oldboy TV Show News - Moviehooker

An English language remake of Park Chan-wook’s South Korean classic Oldboy is now in development Well, isn’t this a bit of unexpected news? Park Chan-wook is onboard as a producer with Lionsgate Television to adapt Oldboy into an English-language TV show. My first impression is that this is a very strange story to be adapting … Read more

Garbage Pail Kids is coming to Blu-Ray (press release)

Garbage Pail Kids - Press Release - Moviehooker

Ok, collectors…are you ready for the. grossest and sweetest blast from the past? The Garbage Pail Kids is headed to Blu-ray for the first time packed with special features also including 3 discs and a media book…check out the press release below! Thursday 18th April, London, UK: Capelight Pictures & Altitude have confirmed that the 1980s Cult-Film The Garbage … Read more

Slasher Alert: Press Release For Founders Day

Founders Day Press Release

Hey, slasher fans! we got some news for you! check out the official press release for this brand-new horror comedy “If you’re a longtime devotee of the horror genre and a particular fan of slasher films, you’ll find a small-scale whodunit packed with love for all the movies that came before it, and you’ll find … Read more

LaRoy Texas Review

LaRoy Texas - A Moviehooker review

A small Texas town, a broken sad-sack husband, an over-the-top detective, a hometown beauty pageant queen, a professional hitman – mix in some sleazy businessmen, a stripper, and a safe full of money…what could go wrong? This is LaRoy, Texas, where you can almost hear the tumbleweeds rolling across the dusty landscape. Ray (John Magaro) … Read more

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