Press Release: Hatchet Collection Coming To Blu-Ray

Hatchet blu ray news Moviehooker Dark Sky Films

Slasher classic Hatchet and its sequels are getting a brand-new Blu-ray release thanks to the great Dark Sky Films We are proud to share the official press release for the new Hatchet Blu-ray set – coming to you soon from Dark Sky Films. Check out the official press release and add this collector’s item to … Read more

Sleepless Beauty Film Review: Not so much torture but it has an amazing animation

Sleepless Beauty – It begins with an ambassador’s assassination plot and a chat window that informs us of a new method of getting people to do certain things. Then we see Mila through different cameras, letting us know she has been chosen for the same group of people from the dark web. She is just … Read more

6 Deeply Disturbing Psychological Films

A list of 6 films that disturbed me so much they have a permanent residence in the back of my mind. Below you will find six of my favourite (well, just some of them) deeply disturbing psychological films. I do warn you that some of. these are very disturbing. If you haven’t seen any of … Read more

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