Dr Brain review: I Saw The Devil Director Tackles South Korean Black Mirror-type series

Dr Brain Review

Yeah, you read that right! the writer/director of South Korean classics such as I Saw The Devil, A Bittersweet Life (Jee-woon Kim) has his own Apple TV mini-series called Dr Brain In a lot of ways, Dr Brain reminded me of the British TV series Black Mirror. You know, a subject that’s quite scary for … Read more

A new list of K-Dramas

Devil Judge K Drama List Moviehooker

We are back with a brand new list of new K-Dramas. It’s crazy, South Korea is pumping out high-quality content like there’s no tomorrow. There’s some amazing stuff featured below so get ready to add them all to your watchlist. Let’s get to it! CHIMERA A new South Korean serial killer detective drama. Chimera focuses … Read more

Trailer For New Sam Neill Sci-Fi SERIES INVASION

Invasion News Apple Tv Moviehooker

Apple TV has just dropped the news that a brand new sci-fi series starring Sam Neill called INVASION is hitting our screens this year. Tired of zombies invading your screen? have you grown tired of the soap opera that has become The Walking Dead? How about some aliens instead?. That’s right, television has a new … Read more

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