Fantasia Festival: Socialphobia [Review]

  Socialphobia is the debut feature from Hong Seok-jae who tackles the increasingly disturbing knock-on effects of social media abuse and cyberbullying in South Korea. In the early hours of the morning, the news for the day piles onto the social media feeds, with the top story being that of a soldier from the army having taken his Continue Reading


Fantasia Festival: Haemoo [Review]

  Haemoo This bleak box office smash from South Korea lives up to hype surrounding it, tossing the viewer about as if you were on the boat itself leaving you nauseated and chilled to your core. Haemoo (translated as ‘Sea Fog’) tells the real life story and adapted screenplay of a Continue Reading

10 upcoming S.Korean Dramas/Thrillers To Watch Out For Part 2

  Part 2 of my 10 upcoming S.Korean dramas/thriller to watch out for. For part 1 Click Here. Hope you enjoy.       Angry Painter The film follows two guys called Painter and Driver.  I am not sure if they are cops or are just out for revenge. They spend Continue Reading

10 Upcoming Korean Dramas/Thrillers to Watch Out For Part 1

 Untouchable Lawmen Untouchable Lawmen is about  a FBI profiler called Jung-jin who has been trained by the U.S. He has to travel  to S.Korea to team-up with a recently  graduated, highly skilled detective  called Yoo-Min. The two detectives each have their own  issues. The profiler has serious anger  issues, and is more Continue Reading

New South Korean Cinema @ Cannes – Best of The festivals Part 10

The 68th annual Cannes Film Festival has just begun and the line-up for this year’s was recently announced. I am aware that there is so many more great films happening, but for part 10 of my Best Of The Festivals, I will be focussing on South Korean cinema that have all been picked Continue Reading

New Korean Serial-Killer Movie THE DEAL Cleans up At Box-office

When we want a great serial-killer film then we never have to look any further than S.Korea. These guys are the masters of the genre, always delivering something, dark, gritty and often extremely brutal. Their story-lines are gripping, really well written and the direction often puts you right into the Continue Reading