Minor Premise Is An Intelligent, Confident & Original Indie Sci-Fi

Minor Premise Fucks With Your State Of Mind – Some Things Should Remain Locked

Ethan, a recluse neuroscientist hides in his late father’s shadow. His father’s death has left Ethan bitter, full of hate, regret and has thrown him into self-isolation. Ethan and his dad had some issues but he died before they had a chance to make amends. And now, although he was able to complete his late father’s work, his name is being buried in a corporate coffin by Malcolm, the head of a scientific research company experimenting with human emotion and consciousness.

Rather than only being acknowledged for the work his father started, Ethan decides to take things a step further. Confidently using himself as a human guinea pig, he conducts the experiment, but things don’t go according to plan. Something went wrong and Ethan’s consciousness and emotions have been split into 10 different personalities. Now, with his estranged girlfriend, Alli, Ethan must battle each Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde state of mind before his own mind destroys him.

If I was to compare this to any other great indie sci-fi, it wouldn’t be the premise that is similar. It is because of the ambitious brilliance of it – this is low-budget sci-fi cinema done right. It is intelligent, original and confident with its complexed content.

As well as a solid sci-fi flick Minor Premise also makes you question your own state of mind. We have been all of these characters, we are all of these characters…and for example: when we are angry, you have to admit, we are like a different person, right? So not only does Minor Premise offer us a great science-fiction movie there is also a deep emotional human drama there too. All this is achieved with a strong minimal cast of three people.

Minor Premise is directed by Eric Shultz (feature-length debut) and written by Eric Schultz, Thomas Torrey & Justin Moretto. The films stars  Sathya Sridharan,  Paton Ashbrook,  & Dana Ashbrook.

In theaters, virtual cinemas, Digital & On-Demand this Friday, December 4th!

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