American Pie’s Stiffler Turns Into A Serial Killer For Netflix Original BLOODLINE

That is right, you have read that correctly. Sean William Scott who is best known for his role as Stiffler in the American Pie movies takes on a dark and daring role as a serial killer in Bloodline.

I am sorry to be comparing William Scott to Stiffler, but, to me, that is what I think of when his name comes to mind…well, also Bulletproof Monk, but American pie is where people know him mostly from.

I have been following Bloodline for a while now. Actually, I first reported about Bloodline back in 2018…true story! Like a lot of films I cover, it featured on a movie list of upcoming films I wanted you all to know about. Obviously, there were two things that attracted me to this project. Firstly: it is a serial killer film and secondly: Sean William Scott is about to enter the Darkside and take on a role that is completely out of his comfort zone.

Sean William Scott plays a therapist called Mr Cole who works at a high school counselling the kids to help them achieve the best possible grades so they can to better themselves in the future. Thing is, a lot of his students have someone holding them back which is preventing them from achieving the grades that they are capable of. When mr Cole finds out who is responsible from holding the students back…he kidnaps them and kills them.

People will make a lot of comparisons to Michael C Hall’s famous tv serial killer, Dexter and they wouldn’t be too far wrong. He he is trying to rid the world of people he thinks are worthless pieces of shit…but are all murders justified?

The pace is very slow, the camera work, lighting, cinematography and even the OST are very familiar to something that Refn would produce.

Those comparisons may put some people off of Bloodline. It may not be for everyone, but it was dark, graphic and gruesome. I completely forgot that who I was watching was the same guy from the American Pie movies. I love when actors do that. More of this please!

Slow-paced, dark, graphic and moody. Bloodline may not be for everyone but those who like something that dares to be different and does not play by the rules…check out Bloodline

G Gamble

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