The Victims’ Game (Netflix Review): Crime In Great Gruesome Detail

The Victim's Game Netflix Review

The Victims’ Game sort of rocked my world. It is a new Netflix Original Series from Taiwan, and, man, they so deliver the goods. You know when you stick on a film or a series and it comes with some warnings at the start? Well, NEVER in my life have I watched ANYTHING that comes … Read more

American Pie’s Stiffler Turns Into A Serial Killer For Netflix Original BLOODLINE

Bloodline Netflix

That is right, you have read that correctly. Sean William Scott who is best known for his role as Stiffler in the American Pie movies takes on a dark and daring role as a serial killer in Bloodline. I am sorry to be comparing William Scott to Stiffler, but, to me, that is what I … Read more

South Korean Films On Netflix Everyone Should See – Moviehooker

South Korean Movies On Netflix FORGOTTEN

A list of South Korean movies on Netflix that everyone should see I am back again with another list of South Korean movies. This time I am focusing on South Korean Movies On Netflix (UK/Ireland). I hope you all find a few that you haven’t seen and I set you up with some nice binge-watching. … Read more

Upcoming Netflix Originals To Look Forward To – Moviehooker

New Netflix

Some new Netflix originals that have arrived or will be arriving soon A brand new list featuring some of the best new Netflix originals that should be on your radar. When this list was initially started, all and these titles were unreleased. Now, when will am finally getting back to finishing it, we have two … Read more

Updated: Trailer For Gareth Evans Netflix Cult Thriller Apostle – Moviehooker

New Netflix Apostle Gareth Evans Netflix Poster

 Trailer for upcoming Netflix cult thriller APOSTLE Apostle is the new film from the director of The Raid movies. This time, Gareth Evans steps away from the bone-crunching martial arts and enters the creepy world of the occult. The film stars Dan Stevens (The Guest), Lucy Boynton (Murder On The Orient Express), Mark Lewis Jones ( Star … Read more

New NETFLIX Crime Shows You Should Be Watching: PART ONE – Moviehooker

I am back with another list of binge-worthy Netflix crime shows you should be watching When it comes to Netflix crime shows, we are certainly spoilt for choice. There seems to be no end to the high-quality, binge-worthy shows available to stream. I have been on one of my binges again, barely lifting my ass off … Read more

Newly Released Dark Dramas On Netflix You Got To Check Out

Dark Dramas On Netflix

A list featuring some new dark drama movies that are available on Netflix In the past week, I have published articles on French crime tv shows, also one featuring crime shows from Russia, Spain, and Finland. Now I want to concentrate on English-language dramas that have been recently added to Netflix. Of course, these dramas … Read more

Duncan Jones’ New Film, MUTE Hits Netflix Next Month

Mute movie Netflix

Duncan Jones’ new sci-fi, MUTE will hit Netflix next month When Moon was released in 2009, the reviews were mainly solid. Personally, I loved the movie. Even if I didn’t, I could still appreciate the craftsmanship at hand. It was a minimal movie sporting great on-screen and behind the camera efforts from both Jones and … Read more

4 Great French-Language Crime Shows You Should Be Watching On Netflix

Netflix Crime Series

I’ve been on a French crime series binge on Netflix of late. I thought it was time to share all of these awesome shows with you. Let’s get straight to it. THE BREAK Ok, so this series is set in Belgium. It was also a crime series that featured on a previous Moviehooker list but … Read more

Best Of Netflix Original Films


NETFLIX ORIGINAL FILMS PART ONE In the last two articles that I posted, I focused on Netflix Original Series’. I hope that you found some excellent new shows to binge-watch. Now,  for this article, I want to concentrate on the best Netflix original films that Netflix has to offer. I DON’T FEEL AT HOME IN … Read more

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