MINDHUNTER’S Cameron Britton Joins The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Sequel

Cameron Britton made our skin crawl and gave us a different kind of uneasiness in Netflix’s MINDHUNTER

Netflix Original, Mindhunter was a serial killer drama like no other. It achieved, with almost no violence to get into the back of your mind. That was the difference; the David Fincher produced drama used your imagination and left it up to you to think about the horrific crimes the killers were detailing.

Cameron Britton

To me, and I am sure to many others Ed Kemper was my favourite character. More to the point it was the actor who portrayed him. At first, I thought this guy was a fictional serial killer. I am no serial killer expert, but I would consider myself well educated on the subject. But, for some reason, Kemper’s horrific crimes got passed me. I have never felt so uneasy listening to his monotone voice as he boasted about fucking his mother’s severed head.

According to Variety, Cameron Britton will appear in the sequel to David Fincher’s 2011 adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

It has taken the sequel a long time to get off the ground. I thought the remake was a great attempt. I haven’t seen it in years, but I remember being let down by the ending.

We have another reason to look forward to Girl In The Spiders Web. The screenplay is by Peaky Blinders, Locke, Eastern Promises and Taboo writer Steven Knight. I have complete confidence in Knight’s screenwriting abilities. I have been impressed by everything the man has brought to the screen so far.

Cameron Britton will play a close friend of Lisbeth who is a computer hacker or expert.

Fede Alvarez, director of 2013’s Evil Dead Remake and more recently, Don’t Breathe will direct the second instalment.


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo / The Girl who Played with Fire / The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest (Extended Versions) [DVD]

The Girl Who… Millennium Trilogy (Extended Versions) [Blu-ray] (Digipak)

Expect to hear more on The Girl In The Spiders Web

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