Four Lions Director Chris Morris Has Secretly Made A New Feature Film

Chris Morris, the director of Four Lions and Brass Eye is back with his first feature-film in years

Who remembers Four Lions?

The answer to that question is simple: EVERYONE remembers Four Lions.

Four Lions was a British comedy released back 2010. The film followed a group of wannabe suicide bombers who plan a terror attack in England.

What shouldn’t have been a funny premise quickly proved otherwise. Not only was Four Lions hilarious, it was also heartfelt that made us have nothing but love for our bumbling soon-to-be bombers.

Chris Morris is also known for his work on the acclaimed TV series Brass Eye which ran from 1997-2001. Brass Eye was a spoof that ripped the absolute piss out of celebrities, politics or just about anything that was in the limelight back then.

 Chris Morris created something amazing with both Brass Eye and Four Lions. They are both due a revisit very soon

So, now after 7-years of nothing, Chris Morris is reportedly back with a new feature. According to Chortle, actress Anna Kendrick is the leading lady for Morris’ first feature in 7-years.

Plot details are still unknown but Kendrick posted a pic on her Instagram account of her sporting a large machine gun and an FBI bulletproof vest.

You can view the Instagram picture by clicking HERE.

As well as Kendrick other cast include: Danielle Brooks (Orange Is The New Black), Denis O’Hare (True Blood), Kayan Novak (Four Lions), Mousha Kraish (American Gods), and stand-up comedian James Adomine.

You can expect to hear more coverage from Chris Morris’ new feature when more details get announced. If you’re like me and have overpowered and overwhelmed with the shitty comedy of late, then this will no doubt be one to look forward to.

As always, thanks for reading. 

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