Nocta Review: Christianity, Islam, Neo-Nazi’s, Vampires, Zombies and Entrails…lots of them

Have you you been looking for your next B-Movie horror fix? well, I have quite the gruesome and icky treat for you…German splatterfest NOCTA

So, before I start telling you about all about Nocta. You should know that this is a low-budget gorefest that really doesn’t hold back.


Brought up under strict religious rule by his Jesus-freak father, Ernst’s mind has been poisoned. He is a loner with hardly any friends and his father has given him an immense fear of everything and everyone around him. It is obvious that Ernst has had little human interaction. He is about to turn 40 and two friends promise him a party that he will never forget.

The next thing we know, Ernst is surrounded by alcohol, weed and debauchery. One of the guests at this party is the mysterious, Nocta and Ernst takes an immediate shine to her.

Basically, Nocta is a vampire that needs weed to keep her murderous vampy cravings at bay. You must keep her stoned. If she runs out of the Devil’s Lettuce or drinks any alcohol, you better hold on to your entrails because she’s coming after them. And guess what?…both of the above happen.

There were a lot of clever aspects to Nocta; putting two religions together and making them out to be just as silly as each other. It sets out to offend and I and gonna just say, “yeah, I can see why Nocta would cause some heated conversations with some normal movie-goers”

After we get introduced to some quirky characters, the tone of Nocta goes from b-movie average to b-movie gold. These guys really went all out, Nocta has so much blood, Peter Jackson would be seriously proud.

You can feel and see how passionate this team were. Even though Nocta is pretty low-budget, it oozes ambition. You can tell that this was made by a close group of friends, and they had so much fun creating this.

Not for the faint of heart and best viewed with friends, weed and alcohol. Nocta was a lot of bloody fun.

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Words by Gary Gamble
Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

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