Absentia Pictures Are Producing A new Horror Film

Our friends at Absentia Pictures are in the midst of producing a promising new horror film titled The Woman Under The Stage

Written and directed by Ezekiel Decker, The Woman Under The Stage is a new indie horror film. Its story is already being compared to a nice cinematic blend of The Shining and Black Swan.


A young woman discovers just how far she will go to achieve immortality while receiving the role of a lifetime in a mysterious stage play said to be cursed. The Woman Under the Stage is a dark and haunting tale about posthumous fame and the dangers of the abuse that can sometimes occur in the entertainment industry; a topic that is increasingly relevant in the modern age. Black Swan meets The Shining.

As we all know, independent films are hard to fund. If the filmmakers could fund these films with passion, pride, talent and enthusiasm, we would see a huge rise in indie cinema. But, unfortunately, this ain’t the case.

The team behind The Woman Under The Stage have started a Go-Fund-Me page to try and secure funds to make their film. And, as Moviehooker, I feel it’s a cinematic obligational duty to try and help these folks as much as possible.

Below, you can find the links if you would like to support this upcoming indie feature. If you don’t have the cash, then sharing on all socials is just as good!.

Let’s get this film made. Not to mention, those who donate can receive many perks, including making an appearance in the film itself.

Check out the link below to find more information, donate and support The Woman Under The Stage

The Woman Under The Stage

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