The Voyeurs – A twist we don’t see often enough – Review

The film tells the story of Pippa and Thomas. They decided to live together. But part of the rules, the landlord gave is not to hang things from the ceiling. This of course means, no curtains and they have huge windows. That’s the beginning of our drama, the huge windows let them have a glimpse … Read more

Malignant… a love, or a confusing fan letter to Giallo? -Review

The opening scene looks very 90’s- early ’00’s of a b-horror film, which is not a bad thing. But then when credits start to appear we have a change of atmosphere, more similar to a sci-fi tv show opening (I’m seeing you X-Files, Fringe). It makes you think this is a homage to those classics. … Read more

Hunter Hunter review: Captain Fantastic meets Martyrs

Hunter Hunter review Moviehooker

So, tonight was my second time viewing Hunter Hunter. I thought it would be a good time to get a review written while it is still fresh in my mind. Hunter Hunter tells the story of a family; a mother, father and young daughter that have decided to cut themselves off from the world. We … Read more

Dune, Last Night In Soho & More. Here are our top picks from Venice Film Festival 2021

Venice Film Festival 2021

Venice Film Festival is almost here so we decided to write a new list of what greatness is coming our way. We hope you enjoy it. Venice Film Festival returns for its 78th edition, running from September 1-11. This year, the film festival will showcase movies from 59 countries…here are our favourites. DUNE It seems … Read more

Upcoming K Dramas – 5 New Series’ that all sound amazing.

Upcoming K drama List 2021

In this new list of upcoming K Drama, we have horror, fantasy and action. And yup, we got another Korean zombie series on the way. Yay for the zombies! But that’s not all the horror we have for you. How about a new Netflix series from Train to Busan director Sang-ho Yeon? yes? well, then … Read more

Trailer added for new Taylor Sheridan movie – those who wish me dead

Those Who Wish Me Dead trailer and release info - Moviehooker

The trailer has just landed for the upcoming Taylor Sheridan film, Those Who Wish Me Dead Those Who Wish Me Dead stars Angelina Jolie, Jon Bernthal & Nicholas Hoult, Aiden Gillen, Finn Little, Tyler Perry and Jake Weber. Those Who Wish Me Dead is set in the Montana wilderness and features a survival expert. We had a … Read more

Fan of The Boys? – Check out Robert Kirkman’s Invincible on Amazon Prime

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is back with Invincible, a new ultra-violent animated series on Amazon Prime – and it’s damn good! Invincible tells the story of Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun) a seemingly normal teenager and son of Omni-Man, an extraterrestrial superhero with Earth-shattering powers. Eventually, Mark will inherit his father’s abilities and join … Read more

Poster + Trailer For Brandon Cronenberg’s POSSESSOR

Brandon Cronenberg’s highly anticipated second feature, Possessor now has an Official Poster and Trailer I remember writing about Possessor when it was in the early stages of pre-production. Back then, there wasn’t really a lot to go on except a really creepy image. 8-years ago, Brandon Cronenberg released his directorial debut, Antiviral. While a lot … Read more

New To Netflix VFW Review: Ex War Vets Take On Rabid Junkies

VFW Moviehooker Review

For those of you that love a great bit of gore and loads of glorious practical effects drenched in an 80s’ vibe…check out VFW which is now on Netflix A group of old ex-veterans spend their days drinking and reminiscing of the good ole days of duty. In the blink of an eye, they find … Read more

Review: H.P Lovecraft’s The Colour Out Of Space

The Colour Out Of Space Movie

Finally, I got the chance to see one of my most anticipated films from the last year, an adaptation of H.P Lovecraft’s The Colour Out Of Space The Colour Out Of Space was a film that had my complete attention from the early stages of pre-production. WHAT’S IT ABOUT? The Gardner’s have just moved to … Read more

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