OPPENHEIMER REVIEW: Christopher Nolan and Cillian Murphy Form Explosive Duo

Oppenheimer Review Moviehooker

Visionary director Christopher Nolan returns with his multi-award-winning biopic tale of Robert Oppenheimer – the man who created the Atomic Bomb I am a little late with this review as I knew this would be a draining watch, and boy, was I right. I say the word “visionary” with 100% belief in my heart that … Read more

SMALL THINGS LIKE THESE: New Irish Indie Starring Cillian Murphy Leads Berlinale Film Festival

Small Things Like These - Moviehooker

A new Irish independent feature Small Things Like These has been chosen as the opening film for this year’s Berlinale International Film Festival¬† Starring and produced by Cillian Murphy and co-starring the great Ciaran Hinds and Emily Watson directed by Tim Mielants. It is based on a short novel by Claire Keegan with Enda Walsh … Read more

NEWS: Boyle & Garland Re-Team For 28 Years Later…I mean it this time.


Okay, if I have to report this 28 Years Later news anymore, I am going to lose my mind. I shall lose my mind and shift into a permanent state of rage  I’m here to report the news that Alex Garland and Danny Boyle have officially joined forces to bring us 28 Years Later. This is official. … Read more

Are We Finally Getting A New 28 Days/Weeks Later Movie? It Looks Like it.


At this point, it just seems that we are getting teased. A sequel to Danny Boyle’s zombie genre twister 28 Days Later has been in the works for what seems Like 28 Lifetimes I don’t want to be getting anyone excited but it seems that we are closer than ever to a new 28 Days/Weeks … Read more

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