Trailer For New Sci-Fi Anthology UNDERGODS

Fantasia International Film Festival has dropped the first trailer for new sci-fi anthology ahead of the world premiere for 2020 Virtual Festival Wow, it looks like Fantasia International Film Festival…

Fantasia Film Festival Announces Second Wave Of Films For 2020 Virtual Festival

Here it is, folks. The second wave of Fantasia International Film Festival has just dropped

Fantasia Film Festival Review: HOMEWRECKER

Homewrecker, a film directed by Zach Gayne, follows a premise we have probably all seen before. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, bunny-boiler type of film, fuelled by jealousy and…

Fantasia Film Festival 2019 Review: IDOL

We are kicking off our Fantasia Film Festival coverage with the great South Korean thriller IDOL. Read the Moviehooker review here.

  Fantasia International Film Festival Review For HEAVY TRIP For fans of Spinal Tap and Anvil: The Story of Anvil, where parody meets reality, where you dream big and rock…

Brothers’ Nest Fantasia Film Festival 2018 Premiere

Simply put, two brothers plan a murder. If you plan it well, it can't go wrong...right? Canadian premiere at Fantasia Film Festival 2018.

Rory Culkin Norwegian Black Metal: LORDS OF CHAOS To Play @ Fantasia

Lords Of Chaos – Norwegian black metal – Fantasia Film Festival – need I say more? Montreal’s long-running Fantasia International Film Festival announced earlier today that its “TBA Screening”, an…

Tigers Are Not Afraid Review

Tigers Are Not Afraid is a dark fairy tale about a gang of five children in the middle of a drug war directed by Issa Lopez.

Our House, Flipping Phasma Ex Machina into 2018 at Fantasia Film Festival

In 2010 FFF screened Ghost from the Machine. For 2018  Anthony Scott Burns, modernizes the story, for the next generation as 'Our House.'

Knuckleball Review Another Success From Fantasia Film Festival 2018

Knuckleball 2018 starts with 12-year-old Henry who finds himself at the center of a maelstrom of terror. A dark family legacy raises its head when his secretive grandfather dies suddenly in the night. #Knuckleball2018 #775MediaCorp #MichaelPeterson #FantasiaFilmFestival2018

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