10 Upcoming S.Korean Dramas/Thrillers to Watch Out For Part 2

Part 2 of my 10 upcoming S.Korean Dramas/Thrillers to watch out for. For part 1 Click Here. Hope you enjoy it. Angry Painter The film follows two guys called Painter and Driver.  I am not sure if they are cops or are just out for revenge. They spend their days dealing with scum and they are … Read more

13 South Korean Revenge Movies Everyone Should See

A list of 13 South Korean revenge movies. We Know That No One Does Revenge Movies Quite Like South Korea. ┬áHope You Enjoy The List 1: HWAYAI A MONSTER BOY Like most South Korean revenge movies, this is fast, vicious, and brutal. The acting is great, with a memorable performance from the lead character, a … Read more

28 Months Later Is Happening

When 28 Days Later was first released – Danny Boyle took everyone by surprise by reinventing the zombie genre and introducing us to – The Rage Virus – a new zombie-ish infection, that doesn’t kill, but turns you into a crazed mentalist, and all you want to do is tear every living-thing to shreds. The … Read more

New Korean Serial-Killer Movie THE DEAL Cleans up At Box-office

When we want a great serial killer film then we never have to look any further than S.Korea. These guys are the masters of the genre, always delivering something, dark, gritty and often extremely brutal. Their storylines are gripping, and really well-written and the direction often puts you right into the film. By the end … Read more

Moviehooker Exclusive Interview – Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead Chat About Their Award Winning Creature-Feature SPRING

Spring is an award-winning creature-feature from RESOLUTION writers/directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. I was eager to find out all about the filming process of SPRING, in every little detail, and what inspired their award-winning feature..here’s what they had to say… How different did you guys find your experience making a bigger budgeted feature? It … Read more


JUSTIN BENSON and AARON MOORHEAD are a directorial duo responsible for one of the most forward-thinking horror movies in recent years. Having crashed onto the scene in 2012 with their excellent debut RESOLUTION, a tense film about the strange goings on surrounding the fallout from an intervention with a drug addict, they have caught the … Read more


1: NOTHING BAD CHHAN HAPPEN OFFICIAL PLOTTore (Julius Feldmeier) is a young man who has fallen in with so-called Jesus Freaks, a punk Christian sect basing themselves out of a house in Hamburg. Though an awkwardly unassuming sort, Tore one day makes acquaintance with an affable family man, Benno (Sascha Gersak), and decides to move … Read more


Here is a list of ten shocking films currently on Netflix. Have a look if you dare. 1: PIETA OFFICIAL PLOT (wiki) A vicious man (Lee Jung-Jin) works for a loan shark as an enforcer. When customers are unable to pay for their outrageous interest payments the man forces these borrowers to gimp their own … Read more

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